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EIU Office of Civil Rights and Diversity

Policies & Procedures

Policy Statements

  • Diversity, Nondiscrimination, and Affirmative Action (IGP 174)
  • Affirmative Action Procedures for Specified Veterans and Applicants and Employees with Disabilities (IGP 172)
  • Discrimination Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (IGP 178)
  • Religious Observance Accommodations for Students (IGP 61)
  • Services for Students with Disabilities (IGP 62)

Complaint Procedures and Policies

  • Discrimination Complaint Procedures (Non Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaints) (IGP 173)
  • Sexual Harassment (IGP 175)
  • Sexual Harassment Includes Sexual Misconduct (IGP 175.1)
  • Sexual Harassment Complaint Policy & Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure (IGP 175.2)

Employment Procedures and Policies

  • Employment and Recruitment Procedures for Faculty and Academic Support Professional Positions, Continuing and Temporary (IGP 14)
    • Employment of International Faculty (IGP 14.1)
  • Department Chairs (IGP 29)
  • Employment and Recruitment Procedures for Administrative Positions (IGP  12)
    • Use of External Search Firms (IGP 12.1)
  • Employment and Recruitment for Civil Service Positions (IGP 13)
  • Student Employment Policy (IGP 71)
  • Conflicts of Interest in Employment (IGP 11)
  • Consensual Relations (IGP 11.1)

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Contact Information

Office of Civil Rights and Diversity

Eastern Illinois University
1011 Old Main Charleston, IL 61920-3099
(217) 581-5020
Fax: (217) 581-3599

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