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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#12.1 - Use of External Search Firms

Approved: April 1, 2013

Monitor: President

In accordance with 110 ILCS 665/10-175, the University may employ an external search firm to facilitate the recruitment of the President and other highly skilled administrators.

  1. Presidential Search: The Board of Trustees may authorize the hiring of an external search firm in the case of the hiring of the President of the University.
  2. Other Positions: The President (or designee) will review requests for an external search firm and decide whether there is sufficient justifiable need for guidance from an individual or firm with specific expertise. The President or designee shall communicate this decision in writing.

 The hiring department in conjunction with the Office of Civil Rights and Diversity must make this request
 in writing. Such requests must establish that there is a justifiable need for guidance from an individual or
 firm with specific expertise. The following criteria may be used:

 a. Nature and scope of the position (e.g. whether the position is supervisory or includes significant
 responsibilities such as fiscal and compliance responsibilities);

 b. Nature and scope of the search;

 c. Availability of University resources and talent to meet the University's goals for the search;

 d. An external search firm's expertise in such matters as:

i. Developing and enhancing the quality of a candidate pool;

ii. Recruiting and screening potential candidates;

iii. Coordinating search and recruitment logistics;

iv. The specific field or relevant profession which is the subject of the search;

 e. Minimization of potential conflicts of interest; or

 f. Value of an external perspective for the search.

 The determination of whether a search is justified in using the services of an external hiring search firm
 depends upon the unique circumstances of the search being conducted. The President may consider
 other factors relevant to a specific search and the University's goals for that search. The use of search
 firms also requires approval of the Board of Trustees.

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