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Program Specialist (Office Staff) 

Specialists are student employees responsible for participating in the development and implementation of the orientation, transition, and retention activities coordinated by New Student & Family Programs (NSFP).  The Specialist position provides a high-impact work experience that plays a key role in the recruitment, orientation, transition, and retention process of nearly 1,500 new students and their families.  This position is one of the most preeminent leadership positions at EIU and is challenging, exciting, inspiring, and fulfilling.

Specifically, individuals will assist in facilitating:

  • Recruitment, selection, and training of the NSFP staff.
  • Facilitate the invitation, registration, and check-in processes for department programs.
  • Administrative, planning, and implementation of department programs. 
  • Various other activities associated with NSFP including, but not limited to, open house, campus tours, and campus events.
  • Other duties as assigned. 


  • Candidates must currently be an EIU undergraduate and continue to be an undergraduate through the Fall 2018 semester.
  • Candidates must demonstrate academic proficiency with a minimum cumulative 2.75 g.p.a.
  • Candidates must be in good standing with the Office of Student Standards.
  • Demonstrate engagement in the University community.
  • Possess a positive attitude about and a desire to represent Eastern Illinois University.
  • Desire to positively impact Eastern Illinois University and be a positive role model and influence on the student body.


  1. Work weekly office hours (minimum of 8-10 hours) during the spring and fall semesters and up to 56 hours per pay period during the summer. Summer Requirements: From May through August individuals are required to work extensive hours and will not be able to hold another job or take a class without permission from the director.
  2. Attend all training sessions and staff meetings.
  3. Will be required to work assigned events during evenings and weekends


  • Hourly wage of $8.25 for work during the spring and fall semesters.
  • Summer pay of $2,750 (May 15– August 19) based on university pay periods.
  • Room & Board (May 14–August 6) and meals (when Dining Services is open), a value of $2,500 throughout the summer. 

 Download additional information about the positions and selection process:

Please contact New Student & Family Programs at 581-6435 or via e-mail at nsp@eiu.edu if you have any questions.