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Orientation and Transition Staff 

Printable job description, application, and selection process HERE.

 Debut Leader (Orientation, Advisement, & Registration Staff)

Debut Leaders play a key role in beginning the transition of nearly 1,500 new students and their families by guiding and leading them through their first experiences at EIU. Debut Leaders have the unique opportunity to be the first face of the University presented to incoming students and families. Individuals selected will participate in various training and leadership development activities as well as be responsible for making new students’ experience during Debut & Prowl fun, eventful, and informative. *This position requires individuals to work at EIU during the summer.

Senior Prowl Leader (Fall/Spring Transition Staff)

Senior Prowl Leaders play a key role in continuing the transition of nearly 1,500 new students and their families by guiding and leading new students through their first weeks at EIU. Senior Prowl Leaders will have the opportunity to build relationships, interact with university staff and faulty, and lead a team of Prowl Leaders. Individuals selected will assist with the selection and training of Prowl Leaders, serve as mentors and role models, and be responsible for making new students’ experience during Prowl fun, eventful, and informative. *This position requires individuals to return to campus 10 days prior to the start of the fall semester and 3 days prior to the spring semester.

How to Apply for the Debut Leader and Senior Prowl Leader Positions: 

Applicants will need to provide the names and contact information of two (2) EIU full-time faculty/staff members to serve as references (no graduate or undergraduate students as references).  Applicants will be required to answer the following 2 questions when you apply: 

  • Why is it important for you to represent your institution as a member of the New Student & Family Programs’ staff?
  • What are the two strongest work skills you would bring to New Student & Family Programs?

The interview process has three steps:

  • Review of Applications:  The Selection Committee will review all application materials and references.
  • Group Process:  All applicants will participate in a group interview process.  The process will have a variety of components such as Group Problem Solving, Presentation Development, and Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Individual Interview and Presentation (Finalists Only): Finalists will lead a presentation and answer a series of questions from the Selection Committee.