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In a 2005 study, on-campus living was the single most important factor in student engagement. The more engaged a student is in their environment - the better likelihood they will enjoy their experience and be more successful.

The Panther Success Initiative (PSI)

The PSI program is the cornerstone of the Residential Learning Communities. It was developed to promote intentional interactions between students and the various campus resources available to aid in their success. Since the needs of our students vary based on characteristics such as personal goals, previous experiences, and networks of support, the PSI program is intentionally centered on understanding each student as an individual and providing the appropriate support to better enable a successful outcome. The goals of the program are as follows:

  • Create meaningful interactions among community members
  • Serve as an early intervention with students experiencing difficulties
  • Assist each student in becoming involved in campus life
  • Foster engaged communities at EIU and the Charleston area
  • Provide a rich flavor to our academic communities
  • Increase student satisfaction and retention
  • Increase GPAs and student success

How does it work?

As students enter their Residential Learning Community, a Resident Assistant will have a conversation with them about their personal, academic, and professional goals. The staff member is then able to direct students toward campus involvement opportunities and other resources that may be beneficial in reaching their individual goals. As campus events are promoted, the staff member will determine if a particular event may be something that is good for a particular student, or, if the interest is broad enough, something the community as a whole might collectively choose to attend.