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Sustainability Club

Type: Service
Membership Types: EIU Students/Faculty/Other
Web: https://www.mhe.today/


The purpose(s) of the Sustainability Club at Eastern Illinois University is twofold: 1) to provide an environment to educate and raise awareness on sustainable practices. This includes providing information of basic global sustainable concerns and educating and encouraging simple local sustainable practices. 2) Our purpose may also be described as “planting the seed of sustainability” meaning that we hope that by providing a person with one sustainable practice, they will teach others that practice and learn to adopt other practices thus leading to sustainable lifestyle awareness. Our short term projects include providing individuals with reusable water bottles and reusable steel straws to provide a practice in sustainable living. We also plan to conduct at least two presentations per semester open to the public discussing sustainable living and its many attributes. We have a long term project whereby we hope to cultivate a public vegetable garden to provide free organic food to students and the local public. It is our hope to provide an environment where those who wish to cultivate sustainability can do so with the help of a group of organized members.

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Advisors and Board Members

Name Affiliation Email Phone
Jaysinha S Shinde Advisor jsshinde@eiu.edu 2175818308
Joshua R Harden President jrharden@eiu.edu
Khadijah Batoma Vice President nbatoma@eiu.edu
Alex J Seidler Secretary ajseidler@eiu.edu