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African Student Association

Type: Multicultural
Membership Types: EIU Students/Faculty/Other
Web: https://www.instagram.com/africana.eiu/


Purpose: The primary purpose of the organization is to spread African culture to Eastern Illinois University's campus. We aim to educate, empower, motivate, and enrich the student body for the purpose of community and global unity. We work to share the culture and traditions of the African descendants that are represented within the organization as we are also committed to the integration of students on campus. Through constructive student engagement, we will foster a better understanding of each other and the issues affecting those apart of the African diaspora.

In the African diaspora, African Descendants exist on all continents/regions. From North America, South America, Asia, Europe to the Caribbean.

All have deep roots that connect us back to Africa.The African diaspora refers to the many communities of people of African descent dispersed throughout the world as a result of voluntary or involuntary movements.

Vision Statement: African Student Association's vision is to give students a global perspective and an appreciation for the various and diverse types of African culture. 

Why Become A Member? Becoming a member of African Student Association will allow you to actively aid in spreading the purpose, as well as, vision statement. You will receive an opportunity to get educated and simultaneously educate others on topics surrounding African culture and its descendants a part of the diaspora.

The African Student Association (ASA) at ElU is designed to create a safe space for ALL interested in exploring African descendants, culture and history with their peers on campus, sharing similarities and differences in experiences and perspectives in order to promote the “Celebration of Socio-cultural Diversity and Familiarity”. 


Meeting Times

Every other Wednesday at 5 p.m.
GreenupRoom in MLK Union

Advisors and Board Members

Name Affiliation Email Phone
James R Ochwa-Echel Advisor jrochwaechel@eiu.edu
Ajreian J Lofton Advisor ajlofton@eiu.edu
Amani J Hamblet President ajhamblet@eiu.edu
Gemin Shrestha Vice President gshrestha@eiu.edu