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Panther Peer Mentoring 


This program offers free, one-on-one mentoring program in which students with disabilities meet individually with a student mentor from the Office of Student Disability Services. The purpose of the FOCUS program is to provide participants with the skills and supports they need to achieve academic success at the college level. Mentors help participants expand their understanding and awareness of their disability as well as their academic strengths and weaknesses. Time management and organizational skills are reviewed with all FOCUS participants. In addition, participants will learn compensatory strategies, skill sets, various study techniques, and assistive computer software programs.

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Freshman Connection

This new program pairs incoming freshman students with a peer mentor for their first year at EIU. Mentors & mentees meet once a week over a free meal in any dining hall, along with approximately 5 other freshmen. During this time, mentors provide insight on the academic, social, and financial aspects of life on a college campus. Having a strong foundation, and the supportive curriculum and peer-to-peer mentorship ensures that students are set up for future success as EIU students.

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iSTEM (Inclusion in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

iSTEM brings together students from underrepresented groups in the natural sciences, social sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science fields. Faculty and peers serve as mentors and are committed to encouraging and empowering these students to be successful in STEM disciplines. The peer mentoring program offers freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students the necessary support they may need during the critical early years of their college career in a STEM major. Participants in the program (mentees) will be paired with an upper-classman mentor that has exceled at EIU in a similar discipline.

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LEAP Program

This program was designed to give new students both a sense of belonging and the confidence of knowing that there is someone to whom they can turn for help and guidance during the first, critical semester. Our main goal is to help our new students to successfully bond with the university socially and academically.

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This mentoring program is dedicated entirely to uplifting and educating men of color here on Eastern Illinois University's campus.  Successful Teaching Relative to Overcoming Negative Generalities (S.T.R.O.N.G.) focuses on addressing the issues and challenges men of color face while pursuing a higher education. We provide resources and services that will address their unique needs by focusing on professional development, academic success and personal growth!

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