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EIUnity Diversity Conference 2019

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Friday, February 1, 2019

Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union


Conference at a Glance
Registration (Alumni Lounge)
8 AM - 12 PM

Gender & Sexuality Diversity Workshops
(2nd Floor)
8 am - 10 am
Safe Zone Core: Kurt Ness & Jessica Ward 
1895 Room
Safe Zone Core is open to any student, staff, or faculty member who is interested in becoming an ally for the LGBTQA+ community, and learning more about gender and sexuality related issues. Topics that will be addressed include: GSD terminology, the coming out process, heterosexual privilege, facts and myths about the GSD community, the Riddle Homophobia Scale, and ways to engage in quiet activism. Completion of Core will result in becoming an identified Safe Zone Ally.
10 am 
Trans 101Ben Wilburn
1895 Room

Trans 101 is an interactive and exploratory presentation which reviews basic terminology, statistics, and best practices regarding the transgender umbrella. This presentation is truly a 101 and audiences can expect to leave with the proper building blocks in being a proactive ally.

11 am 
GSD History: Becky Schwartz
1895 Room

Were you taught the history of the GSD community in school?  Most of us were not!  This is an opportunity to dive into the past to better understand how we got to where we are now.  Throughout this presentation the history of LGBTQA+ individuals in the United States and the history of GSD at Eastern Illinois University will be evaluated.

 1:30 pm
Queering Faith: Sexuality in the Bible: Jade Mellen
1895 Room

Queering Faith: Sexuality in the Bible is a training that takes an in-depth look at common verses in the Bible that are typically used to combat homosexuality.  The historical context the verses were written in will be evaluated, and the translation of the verse will also be analyzed.   This training addresses the complicated relationship between religion and sexual minoritized individuals. 


Concurrent Workshops
(3rd Floor)


10:00 AM

How a School-wide Program Constructs Effective Peer Mentoring and Student Leaders
Suzanne Black, Caleia Flannigan, Zachary Johnson, Amanda Mead, & Kyle Ritten
Charleston/Mattoon Room

This workshop will present the data-based B.I.O.N.I.C. program and its impact on growing young leaders. It will discuss the influence of what a freshmen mentoring team has on a school culture, effective ways to develop interpersonal relationships in schools, and how it fosters leadership development in high school students.


Gender, Identity, and Activism in the Art Museum
Tim Abel, Brad Olson, & Riley Snyder
Effingham Room

What work goes into scaffolding resonant and authentic experiences related to gender, identity, and activism? Using inquiry and studio-based workshops done around the In the Eye of the Beholder exhibition, we will investigate the work that goes into crafting a productive and safe space for dialogue and meaningful learning experiences.


Leveling the Playing Field in Education
April Jackson
Arcola/Tuscola Room

Just because you can’t see a disability does not mean someone is not impacted by it.

Accommodations level the playing field…. they do not take away from others nor do they provide an advantage to those in need.

This session will discuss some commonly disclosed disability categories. How these disabilities may present in our students and what some common accommodations may be to support these students and why.


Owning your Value: Mining Your Cultural Wealth
Catherine Polydore & Amber Webb
Martinsville Room

This session uses Tara Yosso’s concept of cultural wealth to empower members of Minoritized communities about a new way to conceptualize their unique experiences, and to convert them into cultural wealth in an interactive and concrete way. Session attendees will emerge with cultural currency, and a new sense of accomplishment.   


11:00 AM

Disabling "Disability": Becoming an Ally for Disabled Individuals
Jim Howley
Oakland Room

In this session, participants will learn key terms related to “disability” and brainstorm ways in which they can serve as allies and advocates for disabled individuals and groups.


What YOU need to know about PEOPLE with disABILITIES
Holly Farley & Sue Gosse
Effingham Room

In the years since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), many barriers for the disabled have been removed. Yet, issues of acceptance and assistance remain. This session will focus on what we can do to cure stigma and interact positively with the community of people who live with functional challenges.


Stories and Strategies for Coping and Thriving on A Predominantly White Campus
Chigozirim Sodeke & Catherine Polydore
Charleston/Mattoon Room

Anxiety has become a crippling reality in the lives of many students, affecting their ability to achieve their academic goals. These anxieties connect in many ways to race, class, and gender. We invite students of color and allies to a session filled with stories and strategies for coping and thriving.


#BBQBECKY, #PERMITPATTY, #BLACKATYALE:  How INjustice & INtolerance INvites Racially ‘viral” Behavior
Dr. Shawn D. Peoples
Arcola/Tuscola Room

This presentation we will go INside the underbelly of America…a country that’s trending in the wrong direction or is it?


Access Affordability for Underrepresented students wanting to Study Abroad Study Abroad
Brittany Beene
Martinsville Room

Japan, Italy, South Africa, Costa Rica...oh my! With studying abroad there are so many destinations to choose from. Did you know that YOU can study abroad? Did you know there is funding available for YOU? This session will cover what it means to study/intern abroad, how you can study/intern abroad, and the many ways you can fund a study/ internship abroad experience. Also, hear from a first generation, African American woman about about her experience abroad and how it has impacted her life in the most positive ways. All the questions you may have about education abroad and why it’s important to you will be answered. Get ready for an invigorating session that will have you ready to jet set across the world!  


1:30 PM

Complain by Creating: The role of social entrepreneurs in social change
Evan Kubicek
Martinsville Room

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.” ― Mark Twain

Explore the world of social entrepreneurship and what can happen when social issues are joined with sustainable business models. Along the way we will learn how asset based development is a key to lasting positive change.


Sexual Assault and Harassment and Bystander Intervention with Discordant Ethnicities
Amijah Collins & Nikki Hillier
Charleston/Mattoon Room

The purpose of this study was to explore attitudes, intentions and experiences of college students regarding bystander intervention, specifically in situations involving sexual harassment and assault, and to discover intentions in situations of discordant compared to similar ethnicities. A 30-question survey was used and data were entered using Qualtrics.


Impact of First-Generation Student Status on Graduate School Experience
Rachelle Krausen & Dianne Timm
Effingham Room

Just because first-generation students are in graduate school and have accomplished a bachelor’s degree does not mean they overcame the status risks and are prepared for the graduate school experience. In this session, we explore the challenges first-generation graduate students face and how we can best support the population.


From Course Content to Community Conversations: Redefining Racism(s) In and For the Twenty-First Century
Wade P. Smith
Arcola/Tuscola Room

In the U.S., conversations about racism often focus on singling out racists (people) rather than recognizing racism (practices of racial subordination). Intentionally or unintentionally, social science educators and their students are uniquely prepared to affect these conversations and bring about an increased awareness of the racisms that characterize the twenty-first century.


Using Study Abroad for an Internship Opportunity Study Abroad
Emily D. Tooy
Oakland Room
The Office of Study Abroad is dedicated to providing affordable, high quality international academic experiences to eligible students, allowing them to develop the knowledge and cross-cultural skills necessary for leadership in an increasingly global economy. These experiences can lead to practical experiences around the world and you will have internship possibilities that will help with your graduation requirement.


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