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RoomSync is a roommate matching software service through Facebook that allows students to choose their own roommates by matching them with other students based on three main areas:

  • Lifestyle Preferences
  • Academic Majors
  • Mutual Friends

It can also suggest "best matched" roommates and even allows users to search for roommates by interests listed on their Facebook. For more information, watch this informational video.

Roomsync Featured on CNET

Benefits of using RoomSync

By choosing their own roommates through RoomSync, students are empowered to take ownership and be more accountable for their living situations.

Roomsync has been proven to reduce roommate conflict and many different colleges and universities.

Interact with the community

The first step for many students is to post on our community wall to connect with other students. This wall is a place for students to meet potential roommates and also to create new friendships.

Many ways to find a roommate with RoomSync

Lifestyle Prefs


Lifestyle Preferences: 

During the search process, you can look through questionnaires completed by other students to learn more about potential roommates' preferences like when go to bed at night or what time to have guests come over.


FB Mini Profile



  Facebook Mini-Profile: 

  Facebook profiles are highly accurate to what a person is like in real life. The mini-profile gives users a glimpse into the   
  Facebook profiles of potential roommates. 


Tag Potential Roommates
Tag Potential Roommates: 

If you are not ready to request someone  as a roommate yet, you can tag them as a potential roommate. They will be added to your ‘Potential Roommates’ section,  where you can manage the people you have tagged and make an official roommate request later.

Search By Major or Housing Prefs

  Many ways to search: 

  With the RoomSync search feature, you search for any keyword of interest   
  listed in anyone’s Facebook profile. You can also search for other by Academic Major, or where they would prefer to live on   
  campus (University Court or Residence Halls).

  Use the New Mobile App:Swipe right app screen example

  Roomsync has released an app that offers features such as lifestyle preferences, private messaging, profile edits, a swipe system to match with a roommate, and more. The Roomsync app also shows % compatibility, mutual friends, interests, major, and lets you connect on Instagram and Twitter! Roomsync is available at the Apple Store and Google Play


Gaining Access to RoomSync

For incoming students, you will be able to access RoomSync through your MyEIU in February. You must submit your housing application and pay application fee before you are given access. For more information regarding the housing application process, click here.

For current students, an e-mail will be sent to your EIU e-mail in mid-March granting you access to RoomSync .

Requesting a Roommate

When you and another student have agreed to live together, click the "Request Roommate" button. Request Roommate 

The request is sent to the other student for confirmation. After the match has been made, the new roommate request appears on the users’ RoomSync home page.

  Matches are not final until both roommates notify the Housing office.

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