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EIU Office of General Counsel

Freedom of Information Act

 FOIA Requests 2011


Number Requestor Type of Records Sought Correspondence Approved, Denied, Approved in part
11-1 Franklin, Sarah Salaries Request Approved
11-2 McClean, David Contract Request Denied
11-3 Draper, Nancy Contract Request Denied
11-4 Allison, John Parking Tickets Request Approved
11-5 Allison, John Parking Finances Request Approved
11-6 Hensley, Emily Textbook Course Lists Request Approved
11-7 Berkowitz, Steve Athletic Report & Salaries Request Approved
11-8 Koop, Chacour Salaries Request Approved
11-9 Smith, Marcus Theft Reports Request Approved
11-10 Cohen, Kevin Athletic Report Request Approved
11-11 Skinner, Cal Scholarships Request Approved
11-12 Hensley, Emily Grade Distribution Request Approved
11-13 Allison, John Union Dues Request Approved
11-14 Lauff, Victoria Former Military Science personnel Request Approved
11-15 Gardner, Kyla Information on freshman students 2000-2010 Request Approved
11-16 Harmon, Robert Payment and performance bonds Request Denied - no records
11-17 Herman, Jens Baseball Coaches Contracts Request Approved
11-18 Madigan, Joyce Fire Protection monies paid to City of Charleston Request Approved
11-19 Smith, Aaron Athletic Director and head men's basketball coach contracts, supplemental income of coach Request Approved
11-20 Kim, Leslie Grade distribution reports for 2010-2011 Request Approved
11-21 Bachman, James List of district's retiring school personnel Request No records
11-22 Byron, Matthew Head men's basketball coach contract and supplemental income Request Approved
11-23 Pepperdine, Donald Emails from April 2011 through June 2011 from Cathy Engelkes and Susie Ray Request Denied
11-24 Thomason, Andrew Employee salary data Request Approved
11-25 Smith, Matthew Men's basketball staff contracts Request Approved
11-26 Hyder, Les Student Publications information from FY04-05 to present Request


11-27 Ryan, John Travel reimbursements for Les Hyder since 1994 Request Approved
11-28 Edwards, James Credit card statements Request Approved in part
11-29 Nelson, Bradley Men's head basketball coach contract Request Approved
11-30 Hill, Toni FY11 capital and operating expenses Request


11-31 Hensley, Emily 2007 and SP2011 grade distribution Request Approved
11-32 Mendez, Diego 2006-07 faculty salary, rank, dept. Request Approved
11-33 Comforte, Kristina Men's basketball coaching staff contracts Request Approved
11-34 Morrison, David Lobbying expenses Request Approved
11-35 Held, Steve Fall 2011 student list Request Approved
11-36 Nixon, Rick INC contract for campus cable TV services Request Approved
11-37 Cohen, Kevin Athletic staff information including salaries, outside income forms, sports camp income, contracts. Request Approved
11-38 Franklin, Michael Grade distribution reports for Spring and Fall 2008, 2009, and 2010, including credit/no-credit courses Request Approved
11-39 Weskerna, Nicole Past 10 years of all administrative position titles and salaries; past 10 years of enrollment figures Request Approved
11-40 Franklin, Michael Current student directory names and emails Request Approved
11-41 Gosser, Francis Police report Request Denied
11-42 Gosser, Alex Police report Request Denied
11-43 Anderson, Chad Contract, certified payroll for Gossard Painting Request Approved
11-44 Rushton, Bruce Salary, date of hire, jobs held by Eric Knuth Request Approved
11-45 Sarsour, Joseph Police report Request Approved
11-46 Blitz, Jonathan Total assigned ressearch/creative activity CU's for Unit A faculty and total unassigned 2001-2011 Request Approved
11-47 Allison, John Total student credit hours and CU's assigned through Continuing Education 2007-2011 Request Approved
11-48 Allison, John Total student credit hours and CU's assigned to UPI members 2007-2011 Request Approved
11-49 Allison, John Total student hours and CU's assigned to non-bargaining members 2007-2011 Request Approved
11-50 Allison, John Total student hours and CU's assigned through academic departments 2007-2011 Request Approved
11-51 Allison, John Total student hours and CU's assigned to distance education for Continuing Education and academic departments. Request Approved
11-52 Thomason, Andrew Grant recipient agreements between EIU and private entity and related employee contracts. Request Requester asked to specify request
11-53 Kostyshock, David List of all employees names, titles, salaries, and date of hire Request Approved
11-54 Regalado, Robert Salaries of specific named individuals in Athletic Department Request Approved
11-55 Haschmann, Rita Winning proposal to RFP BL011412 Request Approved
11-56 Allison, John Amount of travel expenses spent annually by each college dean Request Approved
11-57 Pomerance, Laura Documents concerning the university's teacher preparation program Request Approved
11-58 Lanier, Valerie List of current students Request Approved
11-59 Zaccagni, Deborah Police Report Request Approved
11-60 Robinson, Kathy List of non-union employees Request Approved
11-61 Allison, John Number of classes offered by School of Continuing Education to residential students Request Approved
11-62 Allison, John Number of student credit hours generated by residential students enrolled in School of Continuing Education courses Request Approved
11-63 Cohen, Kevin Non-conference men's/women's basketball game contracts; salaries/contracts for specific coaches; other contracts Request Approved
11-64 Pepperdine, Don Seeking emails from individuals received during a 3-month period Request Approved in part
11-65 Sullivan Ellie Seeks list of all non-negotiated employees Request Approved

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