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EIU Office of General Counsel

Eastern Illinois University Law

Each link directs you to a short description of the statute.

  Short title.
  Object of EIU.
  Board of Trustees.
  Board of Trustees. Membership; terms; vacancies.
  Reimbursement; employment limitations.
  Board of Trustees. Officers; meetings.
  Ex-officio treasurer.
  Transfer of powers, duties, assets; outstanding contracts, agreements and bonds.
  Contracts, conveyances, expenditures.
  Eminent domain.
  Powers and duties.
  Illinois coal.
  Smoke detection.
  Police Department, liability insurance.
  Recruiting access.
  English language proficiency.
  Engineering facilities.
  High school feedback system.
  Admission requirements.
  In-state tuition charge.
  Partial tuition waivers.
  Tuition waivers.
  Tuition and fee waiver report.
  Child care services.
  Flexible hours positions.
  Fiscal year.
  Meningitis vaccine; information.
  Limitation on tuition increase.
  Provision of student and social security information prohibited.
  Students called to active military service.
  Sexual assault awareness education.
  Buildings available for emergency purposes.
  Administrator and faculty salary and benefits; report.
  Veterans' Day; moment of silence.
  Faculty and staff political displays.
  Disability history and awareness.
  Faculty and staff contact with public officials.


  Short title.
  Powers (Board)
  Eminent domain.
  Issuance of bonds
  Security of Bonds.
  Enforcement of contract.
  Moneys of the Board.
  Validity of bonds.
  Prohibitions against obligating the State of Illinois
  Obligations of Board
  Bonds as Legal Investments.
  Excision of Unconstitutional and Ineffective parts of article.
  Supplemental Nature of Article; Construction and Purposes.

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General Counsel/FOIA Officer
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