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EIU Department of English

Recent English Honors Thesis Projects  


Caitlin Danforth, Underfoot 
(Prof. Jamila Smith, Advisor; creative writing) 

Javiera Green, The Effect of Double Consciousness as Presented in African American Young Adult Literature 
(Prof. Fern Kory, Advisor; literary studies)

Hannah Grace Osborne, “Truly, It Felt Like Year One”: Rethinking Gender and Identity in the Early Works of Angela Carter 
(Prof. Robert Martinez, Advisor; literary studies) 

Helen Plevka, “Something Magnificent Just Out of Reach”: Richard Power’s Use of Music in Orfeo
(Prof. Randall Beebe, Advisor; literary studies) 

Ashley Samoska, Toward a Feminist Materiality in Angela Carter’s Bristol Trilogy 
(Prof. Marjorie Worthington, Advisor; literary studies) 

Lauren Stucker, The Room at the Top of the Stairs 
(Prof. Ruben Quesada, Advisor; creative writing) 


Ben Cravens  – Linguistic Revolution: Learning How to Revitalize the Humanities
(Prof. Robert Martinez, Advisor; literary studies) 

Brad Ellis  – A Living
(Prof. Daiva Markelis, Advisor; creative writing) 

Shayna Hamm  – Reading and Rereading Gatsby: An American Love Affair
(Prof. Fern Kory, Advisor; literary studies) 

Kathryn Miller, History of the Marriage Plot and Its Effects on Austen and Eugenides 
(Prof. Marjorie Worthington, Advisor; literary studies)  

Heather Lamb, The Shadow is Revived: Constructing Narratives in Victorian Literature and Science Fiction with Non-Euclidean Mathematics
(Prof. Randall Beebe, Advisor; literary studies)  

 Katherine Mueller, “Like Watching God Thinking”: Storytelling and Reconstructive Identity in the Dystopias of Margaret Atwood
(literary studies)  


Jennifer Greenberg – The Approaches to the Intersectionality of Sexuality and Race in the Literature of James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, and Alison Bechdel
(Prof. Timothy Engles, Advisor)

Grace Ann Gustafson – Confined Women and Their Resistance Against Patriarchy
(Prof. Robert Martinez, Advisor)

Kristen Webber – Quentin at Harvard
(Prof. Michael Leddy, Advisor)

Katelyn Hartke – Ineluctable Modality of the Physical: The Repurposing of “Things” in Ulysses
(Prof. Ruth Hoberman, Advisor) 

Jill Monroe – Women Readers in the Works of Virginia Woolf
(Prof. Ruth Hoberman, Advisor)

Danielle Rogner – The Hidden Diarist: Hybrid Form and Narrative Performance in Jane Eyre
(Prof. Randall Beebe, Advisor) 


Brittany Carver – Diamonds and Gender in Victorial Popular Literature
(Prof. Dagni Bredesen, Advisor) 

Lisa Dulaney—Blood of the King
(Prof. Roxane Gay, Advisor)

Elisa Freed—Through  My Daughter’s Eyes
(Prof. Olga Abella, Advisor)

Tori Hagy—Expedience Versus Harmony: Reconsidering the Values of Collectivist Cultures in Intercultural Communication
(Prof. Terri Fredrick, Advisor)

Shelby Koehne—First
(Prof. Roxane Gay, Advisor)

Katelyn Pfaff—“Trapped in the Shadow-Space”: Woman’s Struggle to Become Round in George Eliot’s Middlemarch
(Prof. Suzie Park, Advisor)

Mia Tapella—Back to the Future: Utopic Feminist Science Fiction and the Women’s Movement of the 1970s
(Prof. Marjorie Worthington, Advisor)

Rachel Walls—Hysteria, Sexuality, and Their Influence on Male Authority in “Carmilla” and “Good Lady Ducayne”
(Prof. Randall Beebe, Advisor)

Kelly Nicholson—Free Will in “Beauty and the Beast”: The Overlooked Lesson and First Step into Adulthood
(Prof. Bonnie Irwin, Advisor)


Nicholas Canaday—The Poetry of El Camor Publico
(Prof. Christopher Hanlon, Advisor)

Heather Gerrish—A Writer for a Shrinking World: Cultural Identity Formation and Globalization in the Novels of Kopana Matlwa
(Prof. Dagni Bredesen, Advisor)

Darrin Gordon—The Influence that Themes of Perception Have on the Science Fiction Mystery
(Prof. Jad Smith, Advisor)

Jennifer Hindes—Found Voices
(Prof. Olga Abella, Advisor)

Kelsey Hoyt—Through the Autobiographies and Into the Art
(Prof. Stephen Swords, Advisor)

Nicole Reichert—Athenaïse, Calixta, and Creole Constraints: An In-Depth Look at Chopin’s Portrayal of Women
(Prof. Jeannie Ludlow, Advisor)

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