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Major decision, major options

Majors & Minors

Preparing for college requires asking yourself a lot of big questions. You have to examine what makes you tick and what you really want from your future, not to mention what you want your college experience to feel like. We try to answer those questions as smoothly as possible. We’re here to help.

Eastern Illinois University offers a variety of majors and degrees that will equip and enable you to go down the career and life path you have in mind. If your career and life path involves advanced study, we have graduate degrees for you to continue on that path right here at EIU.

If it seems overwhelming to commit yourself to just one major, Eastern has a long list of minors available to balance your pursuits. Whether your minor complements your major or fulfills your own personal interests, it can be an enjoyable — and worthwhile — addition to your education.



When overthinking is a good thing


The Next Level

Do you savor a challenge? If “good enough” is not good enough for you, our University Honors program could be the perfect fit. We offer enriched and rigorous versions of our required general education courses — the courses all students must take to complete a major.

Just the Right Size

Honors courses are smaller and taught in a less formal structure by professors especially distinguished in their particular fields. Completing honors coursework prepares students to compete at the highest levels for career opportunities and graduate school placements.

Admission Criteria

Interested in becoming part of the honors program? We’re looking for the best of the best — students who can meet two of the following three requirements:

Requirement 1

ACT composite score of 26 or higher, or SAT score of 1240/1600 or higher.

Requirement 2

Upper 10 percent of high school graduating class, or a 3.5/4.0 final high school GPA.

Requirement 3

Permission to enroll in the program from the dean of the Honors College.

We’ve assembled a team
of (non-evil) masterminds


Once you pick a major, you probably want to know who is going to help guide you through your academic experience. Enter EIU’s accomplished team of faculty, who are ready, willing and eager to help you get the most out of your course of study. Our faculty are simply some of the most dedicated people you will find, and their passion is to teach Eastern students. In addition, our advising staff makes it their goal to keep you on track. Eastern faculty members are involved in cutting-edge research, winning awards for their academic efforts. And while faculty research is impressive, most came here to fulfill their desire to teach and pass on their passions and insights to you.

Eastern Illinois University's David Raybin Named 2011 Illinois Professor of the Year David Raybin sitting at his desk Professor Gary Fritz Revisits His Past with Acclaimed Film on Chile's Pivotal 'Woodstock' Chile's Woodstock Book Earns EIU Professor Roxane Gay Praise from National Book Critics Circle Cover of Roxane Gay's book

Brain power gone global

Study Abroad

Who needs limits? Your EIU experience doesn’t have to be confined to Charleston or even the United States. While many students find the traditional on-campus experience to be a satisfying one, Eastern offers plenty of ways for you to broaden your horizons through our Office of Study Abroad.

Right By Your Side

The Office of Study Abroad, in consultation with the International Education Council, is dedicated to providing EIU students affordable, high-quality international academic opportunities. Our students have travelled the world, taking their academic insights to places like Italy, the United Kingdom, the Bahamas, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, China, Argentina, Spain, Belgium and more.

What Will You Get?

EIU believes an international experience can help you develop personally and professionally. The skills you'll gain are becoming more and more valuable in an increasingly global economy. The Office of Study Abroad doesn’t exist merely to send students on getaways — their goal is to transform students into exceptional participants in an intercultural world.

Turning curiosity into knowledge


EIU is home to one of the world's leading experts on the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer. Our Department of English takes great pride in David Raybin's extensive and impressive work.
These days, the problem of escalating fuel prices looms large in all our minds. At EIU, our chemistry faculty and their students are working together to develop solutions.
Standardized testing has a profound effect on the work of a school teacher, which is why the research done by a pair of EIU education students could have profound implications on the future of their profession.
Soil conservation efforts in east-central Illinois have received a big boost from a professor in EIU's Department of Geology/Geography.
Research work doesn't just happen in our science-based departments; Eastern's Department of Journalism recently made its debut at the prestigious National Conference for Undergraduate Research.
Midland Brownsnakes have been meeting their maker on the roads of Fox Ridge State Park, but members of our Department of Biological Sciences are taking up their cause.

Exploring and applying your classroom knowledge can be an extremely fulfilling way to grow academically and personally. Fortunately, Eastern’s faculty members are continually involved in a multitude of research and creative activities, and in many cases, this work is done in conjunction with the efforts of their students. When you do research at Eastern, you will be part of a prestigious team, not just an extra set of hands in a crowded field. Your insights can break new ground for discovery for yourself, your classmates and future Eastern students. These endeavors have proven to not only boost the reputation of the faculty and university, but ensure the highest quality of education for their students.

research at eiu

We’ve got your back ...

Academic Support Services

Student Success Center

When you attend EIU, you won’t be in it alone. Our Student Success Center is here to provide you tutoring, consultation and a number of other resources designed to help you achieve your academic goals. Whether you need help with time management, test-taking or study methods, the SSC can help.

Writing Center

Writing skills can place you at the front of the line in an increasingly challenging job market, but our Writing Center also understands writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Workshops and individual sessions can assist students from all disciplines, majors and academic backgrounds at any stage of the writing process.


For first-generation or low-income students, academic assistance, financial guidance and counseling is available via TRiO Student Support Services. TRiO's help ranges from offering access to computer labs to helping you plot your academic courses and prepare for life after your undergraduate studies.

Disability Services

EIU’s mission for all students, including students with physical disabilities, is to educate and prepare you for post-college life. Regardless of your needs, EIU Disability Services is committed to making sure you can attend classes, earn a degree and excel.

academic advising center

The Academic Advising Center assists you with course selection, career goals and major selection. The center continues to be the hub of the network for those who advise students across the entire campus of Eastern Illinois University.

Gateway Admission Program

EIU has a rich tradition of preparing students to accomplish their life goals through a great combination of quality academics and personal relationships. College degrees unlock rich and rewarding lives; at EIU we know that ability is not always reflected by the numbers. Our Gateway Admission Program looks beyond your GPA and ACT scores to discover your true potential.

Our focus in the Gateway Admissions Program is to provide students with a personalized academic plan and individualized attention during their first year at Eastern. We truly believe students who may not have the standard academic credentials can find a pathway to success. Our team of Academic Advisors and Success Coaches is dedicated to helping students activate a plan leading to graduation.

Download the Admissions Recommendation Form.