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EIU Office of Admissions

Our Core Values

We work to the best of our abilities to serve our current and prospective students and their families, treating them with respect and kindness, demonstrating a STUDENT-CENTERED approach. We are committed to the growth and success of our students, going the extra mile regularly for them. We invest in our students as individuals and they grow, learn and develop through the process. Decisions are made based on integrity and ethical practices which best serve the student. We empower them...Listen to and support their needs. We treat our students as the most important person on campus.

We contribute to a POSITIVE and INCLUSIVE work environment – keep a positive attitude, sense of humor, and purpose in our work. We are inclusive, appreciative, respectful, and incorporate in our work the diverse perspectives, experiences, and contributions of the Admissions team and external constituents. We care about and value all people and demonstrate this with our words and actions by treating others with respect and dignity.

We demonstrate RESILIENCE and DETERMINATION by not letting external factors detour us or distract us from our goals. We will work together to develop creative solutions to internal and external obstacles, and never give up. We will work to overcome difficulties as a team, recognizing daily that the capacity of the collective is far greater than the individual, developing creative solutions to problems, overcoming barriers, and navigating the rules, regulations, and policies that govern our work, together.

We value our team's safety, physical, and mental well-being, and encourage an appropriate WORK-LIFE BALANCE. We listen and support our staff in their needs.

We actively work to simplify what we do on a daily basis, innovate, and embrace change for the sake of process improvement, and drive EFFICIENT practices, leveraging technology to maximize University resources.

We are PURPOSE-DRIVEN. We remember daily why we work in Higher Education. We celebrate how our work changes the trajectory of the lives of our students, the accomplishments and growth of our staff, and the organization's contributions to the University's success and enrollment growth.

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Undergraduate Admissions

1230 Old Main
600 Lincoln Ave. Charleston, IL 61920

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