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Feb 17, 2013


Proposals for grants from the Proposal Initiative Fund (PIF) are due by noon on May 8, 2013. The purpose of the PIF is to support projects with potential to lead to significant external funding. Eligible projects include -- but are not limited to -- research, creative activity, service, curriculum development, and outreach. All university personnel are welcome to apply for PIF grants. For complete program guidelines and application instructions, click here.

BOB CHESNUT, Director, Research and Sponsored Programs
Posted: Oct 08, 2012

If you are working on an article, a book chapter, a grant report or any other writing project, you might be interested in the "write-on-site" group that meets in the Faculty Development Office every Wednesday from 9 to 11 a.m. during the spring semester.

What does it mean to write-on-site? The term was coined by Kerry Ann Rockquemore (president and CEO of the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity) and describes people coming together to work on their particular projects for two hours at least once a week. Although people are working on their own projects, writing together in one place can provide the accountability of showing up, cultivate the sense that we are part of a community of writers and help create that energy buzz that comes from being around others who are doing the same thing. Please join us. Bring your laptop to the Faculty Development Office (in Booth Library basement below the north entrance), check in, grab a cup of tea or coffee and start working. For further information, contact the Faculty Development Office at 581-7051.

WANDA KAY ROBINSON, Faculty Development
Posted: Jan 08, 2013

The Provost’s Integrative Learning Awards were established to recognize departmental efforts to advance integrative learning within a degree program. Submissions are collected by the Provost’s Office, while a subcommittee of the CAA (Council on Academic Affairs) serves as the evaluators.

Recipients of the 2012-2013 awards are as follows:
-- Debra Reid, professor of history, for her Integrative Learning Innovation proposal, “Case Study: Masonic Memorabilia and Public Perceptions”;
-- Gopal Periyannan, professor of chemistry, for his Integrative Learning Innovation proposal, “Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Diseases: Integration of Biochemical and Nutritional Knowledge for Prevention and Management”;
-- Department of Geography/Geology for its Integrative Learning proposal, “Broadcast Meteorology Minor”; and
-- The School of Business for its Integrative Learning proposal, “College to Career – From Business Student to Business Professional.”

Congratulations to all the award recipients.

BLAIR LORD, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Posted: Feb 05, 2013

Richard G. Jones Jr., assistant professor in the Communication Studies Department, had his introductory textbook, "Communication in the Real World," published by Flat World Knowledge on Jan. 16. The book surveys the communication field and also includes pedagogical features based in integrative learning. He also launched a companion blog for the book and authored the instructor's manual.


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