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Prowl Leader 

New Student & Family Programs is seeking 60 well-rounded student leaders to participate in the development and implementation of EIU’s Prowl Programs (Orientation) as Prowl Leaders (PL’s). Prowl Leaders will play a key role in the transition of nearly 2,000 new students and their families by guiding and leading new students through their first weeks at EIU. Prowl Leaders will have the opportunity to build relationships, interact with University staff and faculty, and lead a team of peers. Individuals selected will serve as mentors and role models and be responsible for making new students’ experience during Opening Weekend and Prowl fun, eventful, and informative.

Logistics Prowl Leader  

New Student & Family Programs is seeking 4-6 well-rounded students to work directly with the Prowl staff. This position's main responsibility will be to ensure all physical setup needs and break down needs for the Prowl Program. The Prowl Logistics Team will play a key role in assisting the Prowl Team in all physical transitions of the Prowl Weekend.

International Prowl Leader

New Student & Family Programs is seeking 4-6 well-rounded student leaders to work directly with Debut & Prowl teams.  This position will play a key role in the orientation and transition of new undergraduate international students. This team will assist 40+ new students throughout their two-day orientation as well as Prowl Opening weekend. *To be an International Prowl Leader, applicants must be a current undergraduate international student or have broad international experience. 

General Qualifications of All Positions: 2.3 GPA, good judicial standing with university, ability to stand on your feet for long periods, positive attitude, motivation, open-mindedness, and passionate about EIU!!! 


  • Spring Training (3 total)
  • Prowl Training and Preparation (Sunday, Aug. 13 - Wednesday, Aug. 16)
  • Facilitate Opening Weekend (Thursday, Aug. 17 - Sunday, Aug. 20)
  • Facilitate Prowl Events, including Prowl Booths (Aug. 18 - Sep. 15)
  • Attend events and enjoy the fun!


  • Staff Apparel
  • Move into residence halls, Greek Court, University Court, or University Apartments on Sunday August 13, 2017
  • Meals from August 13-20, 2017 (when Dining Service’s is open)
  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills, build effective teams, and make new friends
  • Be a part of an EIU tradition!


Please contact the New Student & Family Programs at 581-6435 or nsp@eiu.edu if you have any questions.