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Message from the Dean

The Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences (LCBAS) is a dynamic and diverse academic college. We are dedicated to the betterment of our students through a combination of both classroom learning and “integrative learning,” a process which encourages our students to avail themselves of every available outlet for their creative and educational growth. Integrative learning is an important and unique process which focuses on our students, connecting them to “real-world” opportunities and “hands-on” learning that is imperative to their future careers.

Whether by way of our Securities Analysis Center, the Child Development Lab, Commercial Kitchen, our Technology Labs or encouraging students to take part in Study Abroad, Independent Study and Internship Programs, your friends in LCBAS are providing students the necessary tools to fully integrate their classroom learning with vital, career supporting activities outside of the traditional classroom setting. If you’re an alumnus, take pride in the degree you have earned and take heart in the generation of future Eastern alumni that are following in your footsteps. Remember, every Eastern graduate benefits from the success of fellow alumni, because each successful alumnus offers a compelling reason to employers and hiring agents that Eastern is the place to “kick-start” a successful career.

To current and prospective students, be sure to investigate every possibility to forward your educational goals. Enroll in challenging courses and pursue internships, independent studies and studies overseas. Challenge yourself, that’s what a college degree should drive you to do….to be your best!

As always, feel free to contact myself or any member of the faculty or staff of the College….we are ready to help with any assistance.

Best Wishes,
Mahyar Izadi, Dean

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences is to create an academic environment based on intellectual inquiry that facilitates for stakeholders the development of personal, professional, and technical characteristics that have economic and social value.

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