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LCBAS Curriculum Committee

The Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences Curriculum Committee is composed of faculty members from each academic unit in the college, serving two year terms with the exception of the Department of Military Science which makes an annual appointment to the committee.  In addition, the Dean's Student Advisory Board makes an annual appointment from among its membership.

The LCBAS Curriculum Committee reviews all curriculum proposals and/or changes proposed by the academic units.  All curricular proposals/changes must be in compliance with university academic rules and policies.

All proposals submitted to LCBAS Curriculum Committee must follow the format approved by Council on Academic Affairs (CAA), Council on Graduate Studies (CGS) and/or Council on Teacher Education (COTE). 

AY2017-2018 Membership

School of Business -  Dr. Steve Kozlowski

School of Family and Consumer Sciences - Dr. Nichole Hugo 

School of Technology - Dr. Jerry Cloward (chair)

Military Science - LTC Patricia McPhillips (vice-chair)

Student - Connor Klinzing


    Dean Mahyar Izadi

    Associate Dean Jeanne Lord

    Amy Annis (recorder)