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The opportunities made available outside of the classroom can only add to this experience. Students who decide to get involved with the Eastern community on a more active level will find that a number of opportunities are just waiting to be experienced. Some will allow them to play a role in the shaping of Eastern's future. These opportunities will help to develop existing skills, meet new people and help build your future resumes. The opportunities below await you!

Desk Assistant - Housing & Dining Student Workers are amongst the first people students will come in to contact when they call or visit each residence hall front desk. This is a customer service position whose duties include answering phones, data input, computer inquiry, answering questions, mail forwarding, typing, filing, and providing assistance at the reception counter, as well as many other miscellaneous tasks needed. As position open applications will be come availiable on the Residence Hall webpage.

Dining Services - Dining Center Student Workers is a general title used to describe a variety of positions held by students who are employed by the University Food Court, Marketplace Convenience Centers, Panther Catering or any of the four residential dining centers located in the residence halls. Duties include bussing, dish washing, serving, food preparation, working on the registers and stocking shelves. Applications available from the Dining Services Assistant Directors in the individual units or on-line.

Student Custodial Helper - (academic year only) - Every residence hall employs one or two residents to work with the Building Service Worker (BSW) staff. These student helpers assist with various duties like emptying trash cans; sweeping common areas such as basements, stairwells and the lobby; cleaning glass doors and windows, and vacuuming common area rugs and carpeting. Applications can be found here

Night Assistant - The Night Assistant program works closely with the University Police Department in order to provide security for students and university property. The Night Assistants have a number of duties, with their primary function being to act as the eyes and ears of the University Police Department. Applications available online.

Computer Assistants - Network Assistants and the Network Computer Coordinator aid members of the on-campus residential community with the Ethernet connections in their rooms/apartments, with the Network Computer Coordinator handling the more difficult work orders. Additionally, the Network Computer Coordinator has the added duties of hiring and supervising the Network Assistants, and, if necessary, Lab Assistants. Applications available on-line.

Conference Assistants (summer positions only) - (May - August) Conference Assistants act as ambassadors to the campus for thousands of guests who travel to Charleston each summer. The position has a wide variety of responsibilities which include: working the front desk, night security, greeting at dining service, maintaining the linen program, and recruiting future Eastern Illinois University Students. Information available from the Camps and Conferences Office in Lawson Hall or by phoning (217) 581-7482. Applications available online.