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General Preparation Requirements for Mail to be Metered

Separate all foreign from domestic mail.

Separate all Canada and Mexico mail from the rest of the foreign mail because different classes of mail are entered in the mail metering machine by mail class and country.

Keep all like account numbers together. Do not mix mail that has different account numbers.

Face all letters or packages the same direction. Make sure none are upside down.

When mailing letters, envelope flaps must be sealed, tucked in, or 'flapped' (overlapped). Envelopes will not seal when run through our meters unless this is done. They will be returned to the department if the above procedure is not followed.

Do not overstuff envelopes. Envelopes that are filled to the point that the flap won't easily fold down must be taped shut before being sent to Campus Mail Services for processing. If they are not presealed, they will be returned to the department to be sealed.

All envelopes larger than a #10 envelope size must be sealed before being sent to Campus Mail Services.

If letters or packages are to be sent some other class other than first class, stamp or mark each individual mailing piece as to the mail class desired and keep separate according to class.

When sending packages exceeding one pound internationally, check with Campus Mail Services for proper customs forms. Complete all customs forms prior to sending the piece to Campus Mail Services for processing.

Make sure your budget account number and department name are placed on each envelope.

Keep the top right corner of each mailing piece clear of all markings. This is where the postmark will appear.