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Automation Checklist

Are the Length, Height, Shape, Thickness, Weight, and Paper Weight all within specific tolerances?

Is the address located in the OCR read area?

Is it tabbed, glued, or sealed, if it is not a card? All must meet specific criteria.

If you put anything but paper in the envelope, is it flexible enough for automated equipment?

Do you plan to use security tints or paper with lines or patterns? Check with the Mail Services Supervisor.

Does the address meet the required clearances with the window edge? Don't forget to take insert movement into consideration. Don’t use staples to keep enclosure in place.

Does the window covering meeting reflectance tolerances, placement, and construction specifications?

Is the print dark enough and the paper light enough to be easily read? (Black on white works best.)

Is the return address in the correct location?

Are graphics and logos located correctly in relation to the address? (Place above the delivery line, please.)

If Campus Mail Services is applying the barcode, has a sample been approved by the Mail Supervisor?

Are the addresses on you list properly formatted?

Have you had your address files updated within the past year?

REMEMBER, it pays to consult with EIU Mail Services before printing!