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University Mail Messengers pick up campus mail and University Business mail while delivering inbound USPS mail and interdepartmental mail and campus mail. This service is conducted under policies and procedures designed to best serve the entire university. The following policies are outlined to assist in expediting both types of mail service.

Campus Mail Services receives all first class letter and flat mail, which includes small-sized parcel post mail and mail with special services -- i.e. registered, express, certified, and insured. Insured, registered, express, and certified mail are recorded with number, department and date; and then delivered to the designated department. Such mail must be correctly addressed to be processed without delay. Your correspondents should use an address format as follows:

YOUR FULL DEPARTMENT NAME (in which you receive your mail)
CHARLESTON, IL 61920-3099

Campus mail is sorted and dispatched once each day. Your campus correspondence should be addressed as follows:

DEPARTMENT NAME- in which mail is received

Please do not use building names and room numbers in campus correspondence addresses.

  1. Mail delivery service is provided to all buildings on a once daily basis, usually delivered 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

  2. If you have outgoing U.S. mail (mail which must have postage affixed by the Campus Mail Services department), it must reach Campus Mail Services by 3:00 p.m. to assure dispatch the same day. Outgoing U.S. mail should include the ZIP + 4 and be addressed according to guidelines. For more information on proper addressing please follow this link: http://pe.usps.com/businessmail101/addressing/ 

  3. All U.S. mail for metering by Campus Mail Services must be for university business only and must have a complete university return address, including the name of the sending department and its account number to be charged. If special services are required for mailing, such as certified, insured, etc. Please have appropriate forms filled out and attached. Forms are available at the Mail Services office.

  4. Outgoing mail sent to Campus Mail Services for processing should be sorted and banded by your office into the following groups: 

    1. U.S. mail for which postage is to be affixed.
    2. Separate account numbers.
    3. Campus mail.
    4. Special service mail.
    5. International mail identified by paper clip.
    6. Forwardable mail separated by class.
  5. State required perforated postage stamps are available to university departments through campus Mail Services by writing a memo stating the stamp denomination, quantity and the Banner account to be charged. Please have an authorized fiscal agent signature on the memo. Find out other details by calling 581-8353. Postage stamps and postage meter imprints purchased with budgeted funds or any funds under the control of the University are to be used for official business purposes only. Personal use of such postage is a misappropriation of state funds. 

  6. Campus Mail Services does not sell money orders or stamps to individuals for personal use, and does not accept cash or personal checks under any circumstances.

  7. Business reply envelopes with permit imprint may be obtained through Panther Print & Copy Center at http://www.eiu.edu/union/pantherprintandcopycenter.php. Business reply mail pieces created by outside vendors must first be USPS approved. The permit imprint reply envelopes are paid for by your account upon receipt of the letter.

  8. Campus mail which is incorrectly put in a U.S. mail box is returned to E.I.U. with postage due, opened by Campus Mail Services and charged to the account number of the sender or receiver before being returned to the sender or receiver.

  9. Campus Mail Services keeps daily records of mailings processed by department account numbers. Monthly billings are then prepared on the 15th of each month and sent to you by the Accounting Office for the postal charges accrued during the month.

  10. In order to speed delivery, please face all envelopes with the address surface arranged in one direction. Letters to be metered and sealed by Campus Mail Services should have the envelope flaps flapped over one another within the bundle. This procedure is sometimes referred to as "flapping". If the envelopes are too thick and impedes the flap from easily folding over the inserts for closure, please pre-seal or tape them closed or they will be sent back to the department of origin.

Please notify Campus Mail Services promptly of all changes in your name, your official department name or location on campus.