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Campus Mail Services processes approximately 3,500,000 pieces of mail annually. Both incoming U.S. mail and campus mail are sorted according to the university department names of the piece of mail being sorted. Mail which does not show the name of the department to which it is being sent, is delayed until it can be researched and screened to determine if the individual's name on the pieces can be associated with a specific university department.

Insufficient Address on Incoming First Class Mail. 
The handling of such mail is differentiated by the Campus Mail Services based upon certain apparent factors:

All first class mail, including "window envelopes", (without either a person's name or department indicated) will be sent to the Business Office to be opened and redirected.

All mail with a person's name on the direct address -- but no reference made to a department -- is retained in Campus Mail Services until it is researched to determine where it should be sent. If person is unknown, mail is sent to the Housing Department to be redirected.

Insufficient Return Address on Mail Returned to E.I.U. 
All mail returned to the university without adequate return address is held by Campus Mail Services for eventual opening of the envelope to determine the sender's name, and researched to determine the complete correct return address.