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Lock Boxes

Those buildings scheduled for lock box installation are:

  • Blair Hall
  • Student Services
  • MLK Jr University Union
  • Doudna Fine Arts Center
  • Buzzard Hall
  • Ninth Street Hall
  • Klehm Hall
  • Human Services
  • Lumpkin Hall
  • Coleman Hall
  • McAfee Gym
  • Physical Sciences
  • Lantz Arena


Any mail that you wish to mail from your office can be deposited into the lock box designated for your department for Mail Services to pick up as usual.  Please be sure to prepare your mail for collection according to Mail Services policies as outlined on our website.

Mail Services will issue your department a lock box and key so that your department can deposit your outgoing campus and off campus mail into the lock box for Mail Services to process as usual. 

Mail Services will deposit your incoming mail into your lock box during our normal routes and your department will be able to access the lock box for that mail at your leisure. 

Mail Services will continue to make one delivery and pick up a day just like we are doing now except it will be accomplished with the use of these lock boxes. 

Most of these lock boxes also include parcel lockers that work like this….  If your department has an incoming parcel(s) that won’t fit into your lockbox, we will lock it into the parcel locker and leave the parcel locker key in your lockbox so that you can open the locker to retrieve your parcel(s).  Don’t worry, once you insert the key into the parcel locker and unlock it, the key stays firmly in the lock for Mail Services to use the next time.

I will be sending letters to departments with key and lockbox location information prior to implementing the new delivery system.

I truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we all go through this transition.


Pamela A Newby - EIU Mail Services Supervisor