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Please note that when the mail service staff get overwhelmed with mail to be delivered, it uses the following priorities for sorting and getting mail delivered.

First class mail, (U.S. postage). Incoming first class mail is delivered.

Campus Mail

Green or buff envelopes and batched lots - campus mail in green or buff envelopes which are mailings that are addressed to members of the campus community. Batched lot mail is letters that have been bundled according to departments. You may order address labels from Information Technology Services with names arranged in departmental order.

"Count outs" - "Count out" mail is mail going to all members of the campus community which needs to be counted out into the appropriate number for each department i.e. the Staff Senate,etc.

Large general mailings - mail individually addressed to large segments of the campus community which is not batched. The reason that this has a lower priority is a question of sorting time. For example, a mailing to the faculty if batched equals 144 sorts whereas individually addressed pieces equals 990 sorts.

"Junk Mail" (Standard class mail) - Standard class mail is delivered within four (4) working days from the time of its receipt.

This is provided for your information and consideration when determining the way in which you send a large mailing through the Campus Mail Services.