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EIU Dancers Create "Good Energy"

The EIU Dancers took to the Doudna stage in their spring concert only to be met with success. EIU Dancers director Antoine Thomas said this year’s show was more ambitious than shows in the past.

“I wanted to try something new," said Thomas. "I wanted to build a bigger performance that could transition from beginning to end without stopping.”

The entire show utilized 25 dancers across two acts.

“The first act revolved around what people are more familiar with the EIU dancers. There were fourteen dances, choreographed and designed by our members, each with a specific theme or focus to it,” Thomas explained. “Then in act II we put together a 10-song choreographed song production.”

Songs in the second act include a variety of hits from pop dancer Michael Jackson, including “Man in the Mirror,” “Thriller,” and “Black and White.”

Thomas said: “It was our attempt to put on a performance that was more like a musical and less like a recital, and we had fun doing it.”

Fawaz Sarumi, a freshman newcomer to the EIU Dancers, said it was the group’s Michael Jackson tribute that persuaded him to join. Sarumi had never performed on stage before, but said he expects he will be back again next year.

“I was able to dance with my friends. I just enjoyed the feeling of being on stage. “

Sarumi said those with any interest shouldn’t hesitate to join.

“They’ll enjoy it a lot, won’t regret it. They’ll make a lot of new friends. Everyone is nice to each other, everyone feeds off each other, it’s a good energy.”

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