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Sprinting Toward Success

Eastern Illinois University has no shortage of students whose achievements are points of pride for the EIU community. Even then, however, some students manage to stand out.

Christian Ilunga-Matthiesen was one of those students.

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Sprinting Toward Success

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@Kristin Runyon

Excited to see @TheCavaliers on the @eiu campus this morning! Their arrival makes summer official. Look forward to listening to rehearsals.

@L2 Interactive

One of our receptionists just graduated from Eastern IL University. Congratulations Delaney! #eiu https://t.co/FL8PB7Xr20

Shout out to these 6 for starting their journey on becoming a part of something great #EIUΔΤΔ

#fundEIU #passaBUDGET #passabudgetALREADY #IamEIU

Oh hey there, future, nice to see you.
#futurepanther #eiu #happyvibes

I love the castle with a touch of snow. #oldmain #eiu

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