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Living the Dream

The next time you’re around a group of six- and seven-year-olds, ask them what they want to be when they grow up and see how many respond with “dolphin trainer.” Chances are none of them will, yet that’s pretty much what Emily Schrock has been saying since she was that age.

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Living the Dream

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EIU LGBTQA Resource Center

It's a beautiful day for a campus tour at #EIU #futurepanther

If you arrive for a tour and a very tall man greets you and asks you where you're from, don't worry, it's just President Perry. And he'll even walk you down to the admissions office! #FuturePanther #EIU

On my way to Eastern Illinois University for orientation... #FuturePanther #EIU #EIUbound #brighterfuture

@Omar Akil Solomon

#EIU18 Get a head start and learn the #EIU Fight Song! EI EI EI U! https://t.co/pb95GHSf3B

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