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Who’s Your Favorite Professor?

Is it because they care about you or expanded your view of the world? Do they make you laugh while you learn or go the extra mile as a mentor? Who is your favorite EIU professor and why? Let us know on twitter using the hashtag #FaveProfEIU!

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Who’s Your Favorite Professor?

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Another great performance by our Greek sing members yesterday. All the hard work and time spent paid off for a great performance! A huge shoutout to @heyylexayy for her dedication and for creating our show!

Shout out to these 6 for starting their journey on becoming a part of something great #EIUΔΤΔ

#fundEIU #passaBUDGET #passabudgetALREADY #IamEIU

Oh hey there, future, nice to see you.
#futurepanther #eiu #happyvibes

I love the castle with a touch of snow. #oldmain #eiu

Excited to start my new life at #EIU #OldMain #Beautiful #Happy

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