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Apr 26, 2018


Especially for Students (Official Notices)

Need Student Insurance Coverage Over Summer?

Do you need Student Insurance coverage for Summer?

Student Insurance is available for the Summer 2018 term. The coverage effective dates are May 7, 2018 to August 12, 2018. The cost for the coverage is $87.45.

Spring Term students covered under the Plan, who desire Summer coverage and do not intend to enroll for a minimum of 9 on-campus hours in the Summer Term, may obtain coverage by submitting the Summer 2018 Extension of Coverage Form by 4:30 p.m. on May 6, 2018.

Students who enroll for 5 or more hours for the Summer Term may obtain coverage by submitting the Summer 2018 Part Time Enrollment Form by May 15, 2018. Coverage is effective upon receipt of the enrollment form.

Student Insurance provides the student worldwide protection 24 hours a day with no network. The Plan pays up to 80 percent of eligible expenses for physician and hospital expenses, lab and x-ray, surgery, ambulance transport, maternity expenses, mental health and substance abuse issues.

Student Insurance is an economical way to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses when family health plans do not cover 100 percent of medical costs because of deductibles or co-payment amounts.

For more information visit the Student Insurance website or call the office at (217) 581-5290.

Tina Luce, Student Insurance
Posted: Mar 07, 2018

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