May 29, 2015


Especially for Students (Official Notices)

Applications are being sought at this time for the Civil Service Council Scholarship. This scholarship was started to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the EIU Civil Service Council.

Applicants who receive financial assistance or tuition waivers are encouraged to apply. The scholarship is intended to assist with tuition, fees or other costs associated with attending EIU (such as housing, supplies, daycare, gas, etc.). The award is payable in Fall 2015 to your student account, and any remaining amount will be disbursed to the recipient. Fall 2015 enrollment must be verified before scholarship is awarded. The recipient must: 1) be a former, current or retired non-negotiated civil service employee, or a child or grandchild of a former, current or retired non-negotiated civil service employee; 2) be a current or incoming freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate EIU student enrolled for a minimum of six semester hours; 3) maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be in good academic standing. (High school seniors accepted to EIU shall enroll in a minimum of six semester hours of coursework and be ranked in the top 25 percent of their class.) Financial need shall be the determining factor if all other qualifications are equal.

Applications are being accepted online here. The deadline is May 31, 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact Angie Campbell at 581-5299 or email

RHONDA E. NICHOLS, Information Technology Services
Posted: May 13, 2015

Students who will not be enrolled in Summer Term 2015 are eligible to extend student insurance provided that the student was insured under the Student Insurance Plan for Spring Semester 2015. The premium for Summer 2015 student insurance is $87.45. Coverage effective dates for Summer 2015 are June 15 through Aug. 18.

Students who do not intend to enroll for a minimum of nine on-campus hours in the summer term may obtain coverage by submitting a completed enrollment form before June 12. Enrollment forms are available in the Student Insurance Office, third floor, Room 5021, Student Services Building, or by calling 581-5290. Please note: Offices at the university close at noon on Fridays during the summer; therefore, the completed enrollment form must be received in our office by noon Friday, June 12, to meet the published deadline.

KERI J. MARTI, Student Insurance
Posted: Apr 20, 2015

Summer Semester 2015 students who are registered for six, seven or eight on-campus hours may purchase student insurance for the semester by obtaining an application from the Student Insurance Office prior to 4:30 p.m. June 22. The “Part-time Enrollment Form” can also be downloaded from the Student Insurance website here. The cost is $87.45. Students enrolled in a combination of continuing education and regular on-campus classes should contact the Student Insurance Office at 581-5290 for coverage eligibility, prior to the deadline.

KERI J. MARTI, Student Insurance
Posted: Apr 20, 2015

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