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Posting at EIU

General Rules for Posting

Prior to posting, all materials must be stamped by the Campus Scheduling Office during regular business hours. Materials are subject to removal if they have not been stamped, are outdated, are posted in an unauthorized location, or have been posted for more than 30 days.

Locations for Posting on Campus

Posting that conforms with the University's policy on posting and distribution of materials may be placed on bulletin boards in the locations listed below.

Advertising for commercial products, services, or off-campus businesses is restricted ONLY to bulletin boards on this list identified by the # symbol, and only on a space-available basis.

Old Main

  • East stairwell landing.
  • West stairwell landing. #
  • Classroom bulletin boards, if not used for academic purposes.

Blair Hall

  • Second floor, adjacent to room 2170.
  • Third floor, computer lab, room 3132.
  • Classroom bulletin boards, if not used.

McAfee Gym

  • Lower floor, south corridor, across from room 1344.
  • Lower floor, adjacent to room 1347.
  • Main floor, by the entrances to the south gym.
  • Main floor, at the northeast and northwest stairwells.
  • Classroom bulletin boards, if not being used for academic purposes.

Martin Luther King Jr. University Union

  • Vending lounge. #
  • Main floor, east building, west entrance.
  • West building, outside of food court.

Lantz Building

  • Lower level, adjacent to men's locker room.
  • Student Recreation Center, lower entrance.
  • Classroom bulletin boards, if not being used for academic purposes.

Booth Library

  • Main floor, adjacent to circulation desk.

Gregg Computer Lab

  • At the main entrance.

Biological Sciences

  • Lower level, west end, adjacent to room 1081.
  • Lower level, east end, adjacent to room 1021.

Physical Science Building

  • East entrances, first floor.
  • Entrance to Phipps Lecture Hall, first floor. #
  • Classroom bulletin boards, if not used for academic purposes.

Student Services Building

  • First floor corridor. #

Buzzard Building

  • Lobby, adjacent to student lounge.

Klehm Hall

  • Northwest stairwell.
  • Southwest stairwell.
  • Classroom bulletin boards, if not being used for academic purposes.

Lumpkin Hall

  • East stairwell.
  • West stairwell.
  • Main floor, student lounge.
  • Main floor, adjacent to room 2121.

Coleman Hall

  • Ground floor, adjacent to the lecture hall.
  • Building stairwells.
  • Classroom bulletin boards, if not used for academic purposes.

Residence Halls

Posters for residence halls must be submitted to the appropriate resident director for placement by building staff members.

For University business or other authorized purposes, at least one poster will be accepted at each of the following facilities:

  • Pemberton Hall
  • Lincoln, Stevenson, Douglas Complex
  • Ford, Weller, McKinney Complex
  • Taylor Hall
  • Thomas Hall
  • Andrews Hall
  • Lawson Hall
  • Carman Hall

For wider distribution of posters concerning on-campus, co-curricular activities of specific interest to residential students, contact the Office of Housing and Dining Services.

Each residence hall will have only one location and will accept only one poster for the advertising of commercial products, services, or off-campus businesses.


There are currently no bulletin boards, kiosks or other permissible locations for outside posting at the university. No signs or banners may be placed on walls, trees, doors, fences or other outside locations without prior permission from the Assistant Director of the University Union for Campus Scheduling. No leaflets may be placed on vehicles parked on/in university streets, drives, or parking lots.

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