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EIU Martin Luther King Jr. University Union

Graduate Assistantships

Martin Luther King Jr. University Union is offering graduate assistantships to interested applicants.  These offers will be to applicants who have been accepted in the Graduate Program.


CONTACT INFORMATION:  Please contact D.J. Fox, Director, University Union via email


Qualifications:  Students accepted into Graduate School are eligible to apply for a Graduate Assistantship.  Please send your resume to


TIMELINE:  Graduate students interested in a graduate assistantship with the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union should complete the application process with the Grad School by January 15.  Assistantship offers will be made by March 1.

Ticket area GA duties:

prepare money bags for distribution to businesses

count, deposit and verify money in each area

assist in supervision of student help

reconcile statements for areas of operation in the union

assist in the panther pantry

social media for areas in the union.

assist with the union budget

assist in other areas as needed


Bookstore GA duties:

Research other Bookstores to see how they are trying to increase sales.

-How are they using social media?

-What types of specials and/or special events are they trying?

GA Binder:

-Update GA training binder

-Add any new responsibilities including how to return books to publishers or sell old books to book buyers.

-Add a section on updating the hourly sales reports

Post to and monitor Social Media sites:

-Post every MWF.

-Focus around lighthearted and fun stuff.

-Take images from the web site and grab people’s attention

-Look at what other bookstores are doing

Seed Training:

-Work on device to increase training

-Help student employees get set up for training

Mac Workshops:

-Come up with one or two PowerPoint presentations

-Suggest other ways to promote Apple on our social media sites

Web Site:

-Make Web ID’s for new items

-Have them visible on the web site and say in long description “Coming soon”.

-Update photos of items on the website

Manage Bookstore in the absence of staff members (including opening and closing the Bookstore on Saturdays.

-Assist Account Tech II when asked.

Other Duties as Assigned.


Campus Scheduling GA duties:

Scheduling Support

-Work with Campus Scheduling office as needed

-Become familiar with our scheduling system and file for staff as needed

-Demonstrate good communication skills when dealing with customers

-Monitor Cleanliness of Building 

-Observe areas in the Union that need attending

-Clean areas as needed when asked

Inventory Support –

-Work on annual inventory sheets for the Union

-Keep accurate records of Union building inventory throughout the year

-Let staff know of any deficiencies with inventory

Supervision of Night Shift –

-Refer to printed daily report for Union activities

-Answer questions of Students, staff or guests of building

-Evening Supervisor responsible for University Union during evening hours when daytime staff is not present

-Responsible for opening/closing of Union Businesses, providing change to them if needed

-Daytime, Evening & Weekend Schedules (20 hours approximately per week) –

-Work Daytime Offices hours in Campus Scheduling office as needed

-Evening nighttime hours

-Weekend Hours – Daytime/Evening & Late Night Hours

Dances – Supervise Late Night Student Dances

Training New Building Supervisors

Other Duties as Assigned


Panther Print and Copy Center GA duties:

-Assist with Customer service

-Counter Help

-Prepare and Publish Invoices

-Compiling tickets

-Filing finished Print & Request Forms

-Organizing paper

-Assist in Printing, Stapling, Binding, Cutting, etc.

-Delivering and Picking up Supplies

-Directing and Training New Employees

-Other duties as assigned.

Bowling Alley GA duties:

Must be organized and very Business oriented for this position. Graduate Assistants are responsible for organizing collected data, supervising student workers, assisting with Bowling Manager duties, among other tasks. 

-Assisting Bowling Manager

 -Maintaining Social Media accounts

 -Supervising Student Workers

 -Learning Bowling Equipment/Machines

 -Having excellent customer service

- Working evenings and weekends ( 18 hours per week)

 -Driving business

 -Working with Microsoft Products

 -Arranging collected data to make it usable for business


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