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Submitting an Assignment in D2L Brightspace with Turnitin Enabled

Student Guide

A Turnitin assignment is submitted to the Assignment Dropbox in D2L Brightspace the same way any assignment document is submitted to the dropbox.  The only difference is that the instructor has enabled Turnitin for the Assignment Dropbox.  By enabling Turnitin for the assignment, a Turnitin Similarity Report will be generated for the assignment submission.  The instructor may choose to release the Similarity Report to the student.

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Submitting an Assignment in D2L Brightspace with Turnitin Enabled


Video Guide Guide: Submitting an Assignment in D2L Brightspace with Turnitin Enabled


Written Guide Guide: Submitting an Assignment in D2L Brightspace with Turnitin Enabled

To submit an assignment to D2L Brightspace with Turnitin enabled:

  1. Log in to D2L Brightspace at using your EIU username and password.
  2. Enter the D2L course with the Turnitin assignment.
  3. Go to the assignment by selecting Assessment then Dropbox in the course navbar then clicking on the appropriate assignment dropbox or click on the link for the assignment in the content module if the instructor has linked the assignment.
    Access to dropbox
  4. After opening the appropriate assignment dropbox folder, select Add a File.
    Add a File
  5. Select My Computer then drag and drop your file in the box or select Upload and navigate to your file to select it.
  6. Select Add.
  7. Verify that the filename for your assignment is listed below the Add a File button on the assignment submission page.
    Verify filename
  8. Select Submit.
  9. Select Done.


Viewing the Similarity Report


Video Guide Guide: Viewing the Similarity Report


Written Guide Guide: Viewing the Similarity Report

If your instructor has granted permission for students to view their Similarity Report, it will be accessible in the assignment dropbox.

To view the Similarity Report:

  1. Go to the Assignment Dropbox (Assessments > Dropbox).
  2. Select View History
    View History
  3. To filter the submissions, select the assignment folder from the drop-down list then select Apply.
  4. Locate the assignment submission at the bottom of the page.
    Assignment Submission
  5. Under the Turnitin Similarity Report column, "In-Progress" will display until the report is complete. Once the document is processed, a percentage appears. It may take several minutes for Turnitin to process the Similarity Report.
  6. To view the Similarity Report, click on the percentage bar. The Similarity Report will open in the Turnitin Document Viewer.
  7. For more information on interpreting the Similarity Report, go to the Interpreting the Similarity Report student guide


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