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EIU Center For Gender and Sexual Diversity

Gender Inclusive Housing
The Doug DiBianco Community

The Doug DiBianco Community is an inclusive community designed to create a comfortable and supportive environment for all students of all gender and sexual identities. Community members have the opportunity to connect with role models and allies at EIU. The community also has a partnership with the EIU Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity. You can request to live in this community in your Room and Board Contract, and approval is granted through the GSD Center. For 2022-2023, the Gender Inclusive Housing is located on a residential floor in McKinney Hall. For consideration, please apply by filling out the application below! This is NOT your Room and Board Contract.

If you have any questions, please read through our FAQ or email the Center at

Gender Inclusive Housing Application 


Have Questions? Check out our FAQ below and you may find your answer!


Who can live on the floor? This community is primarily for LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals, however, Allies are more than welcome.

Can I live here if I am not "out"? Of course you can! We hope you can see this as a place where you can be yourself and be anywhere in your identity journey.

How will my roommate be assigned/matched? Once you turn in your application, we will look at your identities and what you had put as preferences for a roommate. There is also the option to find a roommate through RoomSync, a roommate matching software that allows you to choose your roommates. You can find more information here!

What makes this community special? Programming will be focused on LGBTQIA+ identities and a strong relationship with the GSD Center means that you have extra people in your corner. We hope that this floor provides a space for students to live without having to justify their identity!

How are the bathrooms setup? The bathrooms in McKinney Hall are shared by the residents on the floor. However, they are semi-private which means you have a toilet, sink, and shower behind a lockable door.










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