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EIU Center For Gender and Sexual Diversity

Residence Life Resources

We offer pre-made bulletin boards about the GSD community, as well as different trainings about the GSD community. 

With our pre-made Bulletin Boards 2 Go, all you have to do it print out each page (in color works best, and add some creativity to the layout, and you're done! We have done the hard work for you.

With our programs, all you have to request the program is to fill out the form or send us an email with where you are, and what dates and times work. We will then confirm dates and times with you. All you have to do then is advertise!

Request a Program

Our Programs:

  • Safe Zone Core: Our Safe Zone Core is a two hour training for people interested in becoming an ally for the LGBTQA+ community, and learning more about gender and sexuality related issues. Topics that will be addressed include: GSD terminology, the coming out process, heterosexual privilege, facts and myths about the GSD community, the Riddle Homophobia Scale, and ways to engage in quiet activism. Completion of Core will result in becoming an identified Safe Zone Ally.
  • Rainbow Inclusion: This one hour program will help to expose people to the GSD community and the struggles they go through. Through activities centered around the GSD community’s experience, students will start to understand the struggles the GSD community faces, and how students can become allies. This program is not intended to be a substitute for Safe Zone Core training, rather the tip of the iceberg of the GSD community.
  • Privilege Program: This one hour program will talk about the privilege certain people have and how those privileges benefit those individuals. Through an interactive activity we will look into the privileges that we all have, some that we know, and some that we don’t realize we have.  We will then take a look at our privileges and see how we can use the privilege to assist others who do not have that privilege.
  • Custom Programs: We can create a custom program/presentation to fit the needs of your group.


About GSD Powerpoint

About the GSD Center

Asexuality Awareness

Asexuality Awareness Download 

Gettin' Bi

Gettin-Bi (About Bisexuality) Download

GSD Alphabet Soup

LGBTQ Alphabet Soup Download

Safe Zone Bulletin Board 

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