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EIU Office of General Counsel

 FOIA Requests 2012

Number Requestor Type of Records Sought Correspondence Approved, Denied, Approved in part
12-1 Gardner, Kyla Freshman student Fall FY11 information Request Approved
12-2 McNamee, Alex Employment contracts for specific individuals Request Approved
12-3 Weinfuss, Josh NCAA Equity Report, specific employment contracts and outside income reports Request Approved
12-4 Franklin, Michael Fall FY11 grade distributions Request Approved
12-5 Toeppen, Dennis Verizon contract, invoices and correspondence from 2005-present Request Partially approved
12-6 Cohen, Kevin NCAA report, various coach employment contracts, audited financial statements Request Approved
12-7 Franklin, Michael Section enrollment count for all formal courses Request Approved
12-8 McGrath, Melody Waste hauling contract and effective dates Request Approved
12-9 Wilmore, Michael Specific employment contracts Request Approved
12-10 Allen, Kirk Information on State Representative EIU teaching salary Request Approved
12-11 Kaepplinger, Kelly Police report Request Denied
12-12 Beck, Dave Tuition waivers Request Partially approved
12-13 Meeker, Herb Employment records of Roger Eddy Request Approved
12-14 Kamara, Festus Employment contracts for men's basketball coaches Request Approved
12-15 Durkin, Erin 2005 NCAA report Request Approved
12-16 Bleymaier, Joe Athletic squad lists etc. Request Partially approved
12-17 Smyser, Katy IACUC records for use of dogs/cats in research Request Denied
12-18 Smyser, Katy Records for purchase of deceased cats Request Approved
12-19 Rose, Christina Undergraduate/Graduate student directory information Request Denied
12-20 Lorton, Clint Information re: EIU Sports Complex renovations Request Partially approved
12-21 Jones, Max Residence halls or apartments Request Denied
12-22 Jones, Max Student information on another person Request Denied
12-23 Jones, Max Student information on another person Request Denied
12-24 Hall, Erik Total fees collected on parking meters Request Approved
12-25 Ogunbodede, Nike University Board concert contracts Request Partially approved
12-26 Kolisek, Jake Men's head basketball coach contract Request Approved
12-27 Fowler, Michael 2011 Financial Audit Report Request Approved
12-28 Moriarty, Richard Briles Documents from a research study Request Denied
12-29 Renzetti, Dominic Employment contracts for head men's and women's basketball coaches Request Approved
12-30 Pepperdine, Don List of full and part-time employees and salaries/hourly wages Request Approved
12-31 Apfelbaum, Larry Information re: chemical spraying Request Approved
12-32 Niebrugge, Cory Bid documents - BH-012301 Request Approved
12-33 Heerema, Ryan Police Report Request Partially approved
12-34 Cohen, Kevin Central, AR non-conf football game contract; head men's basketball coach contract Request Approved
12-35 Swing, Kelsey Fire protection monies paid to City of Charleston Request Approved
12-36 Bagwell, Rick Monthly salary of an employee Request Approved
12-37 Lappe, Johnny Employer electronic checkbook Request Approved
12-38 Giltner, Keith Bid responses and pricing Request Partially approved
12-39 Rose, Christina Student information Request Denied
12-40 McCraney, Patrick Social media agreements Request Denied
12-41 Bagwell, Rick Monthly payroll data of an employee Request Approved
12-42 Kim, Jana I. Athletic employment contracts Request Approved
12-43 Byron, Matthew Head men's basketball coach contract Request Approved
12-44 Yeung, John Student information Request Denied
12-45 Lattinville, Robert Athletic employment contract Request Approved
12-46 Lawhead, Doug Employee salaries Request Approved
12-47 Cohen, Jodi Employee salaries Request Partially approved
12-48 Smith, Steve Head football coach contract Request Approved
12-49 Hughes, Barb Ameren invoices Request Approved
12-50 Keilman, John Athletic scholarship information Request Approved
12-51 Folmar, Kelsey Spring 2012 grades distribution Request Approved
12-52 Guydan, Jan Voter registration information Request Approved
12-53 Lanier, Valerie Student information Request Approved
12-54 Plunkett, Michael Athletic staff employment contracts and salary information Request Approved
12-55 Fye, Jeanine Employee salaries Request Partially approved
12-56 Glosser, John Snack vending agreement Request Approved
12-57 Ogunbodede, Nike University Board's current concert budget and artist agreement Request Approved
12-58 Nagan, Jacob Police Report Request Partially Approved
12-59 Comforte, Kristina Head men's basketball coach contract Request Approved
12-60 Hill, Toni Capital and operating expenditures over $10,000 for FY12 Request Approved
12-61 Bartz, David Job description and desk audit on an employee Request Approved
12-62 Folmar, Kelsey Student directory information Request Approved
12-63 Cohen, Kevin Athletic employment contracts,  sports camp income, other agreements Request Approved
12-64 Held, Steve Student directory information Request Partially Approved
12-65 Byrd, David Workforce employment data Request Approved
12-66 Folmar, Kelsey Student names and email Request Approved
12-67 Bryant, Joshua UPD citations for 2010 Request Partially approved
12-68 Geiler, Lorna Dates of employment of former employee Request Approved
12-69 Ogunbodede, Nike REO Speedwagon contract & UB 2012 concert budget Request Approved
12-70 Ogunbodede, Nike Chick-fil-A contract and amount of money made from FA09 to SP12 Request Approved
12-71 Bryant, Joshua UPD citations for 2010 Request Denied
12-72 Koop, Chacour Faculty list including addresses Request Partially approved
12-73 Dexter, Robyn Fall & Spring 2012 scholarships and grants in aid for students Request Partially approved
12-74 Rodgers, Rachel Grant in aid funds from 1992 to 7-1-12 Request Denied
12-75 Rodgers, Rachel Student fee breakdown from 1992 to 7-1-12 and waivers Request Approved
12-76 Hall, Erik Chick-fil-A contract and men soccer coaches employment contracts Request Approved
12-77 Hall, Erik Subway contracts from 2002 to present Request Approved
12-78 Hironimus-Wendt, Robert Faculty salary data Request Partially approved
12-79 Hironimus-Wendt, Robert Spreadsheet of faculty gender and ethnicity Request Denied
12-80 Koop, Chacour Faculty list including city of residence Request Denied
12-81 Calcaterra, Steve FOP Collective Bargaining Agreements from 2002-2012 and positions by rank Request Approved
12-82 Rodgers, Rachel Grant in Aid funds distribution from 2002-2012 to departments, number of students receiving aid per semester Request Approved
12-83 Dexter, Robyn Student names and amounts receiving scholarships and grant in aid funds Request Partially approved
12-84 Koop, Chacour Faculty list including city and state of residence Request Denied
12-85 Wofford, Chris Source of funding for EIU lecturer to trace Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Request Approved
12-86 Cohen, Kevin Various administrative employment contracts and salary information Request Approved
12-87 Koop, Chacour List of city of residence of faculty without faculty names Request Approved
12-88 Dexter, Robyn Grant in Aid funds distributed to athletic teams and athletes Request Partially approved
12-89 Koop, Chacour Faculty list including ethnicity and gender Request Denied
12-90 Koop, Chacour Faculty list with city of residence Request Denied
12-91 Asar, Fahimeh Student directory list Request Denied
12-92 Calcaterra, Steve UPD telecommunicators and collective bargaining agreement Request No records
12-93 Pottorff, Jordan Specific coaches employment contracts Request Approved
12-94 Nett, Heather Specific sports data Request Approved
12-95 Koop, Chacour Number of undergraduates living in residence halls, Greek Court, University Court Request Approved
12-96 Koop, Chacour Room and board expenses paid by students 2006-2012 Request Approved
12-97 Rodgers, Rachel Distribution of student activity fee Request Approved
12-98 Rodgers, Rachel Grant in Aid fees distributed to athletic teams 2001-2012 and number of athletes Request Approved
12-99 Bryant, Joshua Citations for three weekends in 2011 Request Approved
12-100 Sterling, Grant First-Time Freshmen ACT scores by ethnicity and enrollment information Request Approved
12-101 Lorton, Clint Documents related to EIU Outside Sports Venue Request Approved
12-102 Fritz, Ann Employee email addresses Request Approved
12-103 Koop, Chacour Faculty salary list including number of pays Request Approved
12-104 Anderson, Brian Contract for vendor for maintenance of food service equipment Request Approved
12-105 Cella, Ray Employment contract of head men's basketball coach Request Approved
12-106 Muskewitz, Al Football coaching staff salaries Request Approved
12-107 Varndell, Robert Product specifications on 3 can liners on P.O. PN13432 Request Approved
12-108 Jesser, Sara Acoustical ceiling tiles in boiler rooms Request No records
12-109 Keilman, John Concussion management Request Approved

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