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Africana Studies Minor

Offers an interdisciplinary curriculum with a wide range of course offerings from history, political science, theatre arts, music, journalism, social sciences, and geography.  These courses reflect and provide insight into the experiences of people of African descent.

Contact: Dr. James Ochwa-Echel


Anthropology Minor

Anthropology, as a sister discipline to sociology, is also a social science concerned with the systematic study of human society.  In addition to Anthropology core/elective courses, the minor also draws upon selection of electives from humanities, science, and social science courses.

Contact: Dr. Angela Glaros


Asian Studies Minor

An 18-hour minor in which students can choose from a variety of courses with Asia-specific content— from Art, Economics, English, Foreign Language, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Women's Studies, as well as from study abroad opportunities.

Contact: Dr. Robert Petersen


Broadcast Meteorology Minor

In recent years, we have developed a better understanding of the complexities of weather and the importance of communicating that information to the public. This interdisciplinary minor prepare students to effectively communicate complex weather information to multiple audiences utilizing the media.

Contact: Mr. Cameron Craig


Communication and Cultural Diversity Minor

This minor examines the ways in which communication constructs our understanding of diversity and difference, how stereotypes and prejudices are maintained and challenged, and how possibilities for inclusion are created.

Contact: Dr. Samantha Szczur


Environmental Impact and Sustainability Minor

This minor provides students with the skill set needed to be competitive in a job market focused on the applications of environmental sustainability. 

Contact: Dr. Diane Burns


Ethics Minor

This minor offers EIU students the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the complexities of moral decision-making and the principles involved in making reasoned, ethical choices.

 Contact: Dr. Jonelle DePetro


Film Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary Film Studies minor is devoted to the study of cinema history, theory, criticism and production.

Contact: Dr. Marjorie Worthington


Geographic Information Sciences Minor

This minor provides students with an integrated program of study that allows them to acquire the fundamentals of current mapping methodologies. With diverse needs for precise, timely acquisition of spatial data, it?s analysis and cartographic presentation, the curriculum allows students to complement their majors by using current, standard mapping equipment, software and hardware.

Contact: Dr. Barry Kronenfeld


Health & Medical Humanities Minor

The Health & Medical Humanities are relatively new fields of study integrating medicine and health with the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Contact: Dr. Charles Wharram


Health Communication Major (B.S.)

Majoring in Health Communication prepares students to work in professional health care settings or in health advocacy. Coursework focuses on creating knowledge of health behaviors combined with developing effective communication skills. Graduates are prepared to communicate on behalf of health organizations or work with clients to influence individual and community decisions and promote positive health behaviors.

Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Gill


Health Communication Minor

The Health Communication minor is an interdisciplinary minor that offers a combination of communication studies and health studies courses to students planning a career in health professions or public relations. It combines study of the health care industry, public policy and communication strategies.

Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Gill


Latin American and Latinx Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary Latin American and Latinx Studies minor consists of elective courses in the culture and society of Latin America, and intermediate Spanish language courses.

Contact: Dr. Vanesa Landrus


Neuroscience Minor

The interdisciplinary neuroscience minor involves the study of brain theory and research, psychological theory and research, philosophy of mind and consciousness, and mathematical modeling of brain and cognitive processes to understand the role that the brain plays in mental and behavioral phenomena.

Contact: Dr. John Mace


Pre-Law Studies Minor

The Pre-Law program at Eastern Illinois University successfully prepares many students for law school. The program includes the 75 students electing to pursue a Pre-Law minor, as well as those participating in Moot Court, Pre-Law Internships, and Pre-Law Society/Phi Alpha Delta (a student run organization).

Contact: Dr. Karen Swenson


Premodern Global Studies Minor

Students who seek knowledge of the history, culture, and society of premodern societies are invited to consult with the advisor of the Premodern Global Studies Program for assistance in selecting courses suited to their individual needs.

 Contact: Dr. Julie Campbell


Public Relations Minor

Public relations is the strategic management of communication and mutually beneficial relationships between organizations/individuals and their stakeholders.

 Contact: Dr. Rashmi Thapaliya


Religious Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Religious Studies draws upon six disciplines in its courses to address religious issues from their varying perspectives, enabling students to gain a genuinely broad understanding of the subject. 

 Contact: Dr. Grant Sterling


Science with Teacher Licensure (B.S.)

The Science with Teacher Certification major prepares students for teaching careers in the sciences (biological sciences, chemistry, earth sciences and physics) at the secondary level (grades 9-12).

 Contact: Dr. Katie Lewandowski


Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor

Recent scholarship has made it clear that full understanding of human behavior, culture, and society cannot be attained without investigating the roles gender and sexuality play in individual experiences.  

Contact: Dr. Jeannie Ludlow

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