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Study Tips

This page contains many handouts and resources for students seeking to develop their general study habits. In addition to our online resources, the Academic Support Center exists to help you develop your academic ability. Please contact the Academic Support Center to meet with an Academic Consultant if you believe we can help you develop your skills!

10 Traps and How to Get Out of Those Traps: Some students inhibit their own success by maintaining apathetic traps. We encourage you to check your attitude, and do something to get yourself back on track!

100 Suggestions for Success: This is just a long list of suggestions commonly used by successful students.

Analysis of Study Environment: Use this worksheet to find the best place for you to study. (Source: Virginia Tech)

Controlling your Environment: Are you trying to find a way to improve your study space and use of the space? Try these strategies.

Homework Organizer: Print one of these worksheets for every course! You will appreciate it later...particularly when you realize you planned ahead for busy times of the semester.

Procrastination: Can you put this off any longer? NO! You made it this keep going . Determine why you are procrastinating, and use this handout to develop strategies for succeeding.

7 Day Study Plan: Having trouble planning what to study when for an upcoming test? This 7 day study plan will help you organize study materials and begin preparing for your test a week before!

Study Groups: Students who study together own succeed at a level higher than those who study alone...IF the study group focuses on learning. Try using this handout when you are setting up a study group to ensure greater success.

Summer School Success: Taking classes during the summer has distinct differences from the fall and spring semesters. Review this handout for suggestions to be academically successful and find time to relax.


Tips for Writing a Research Paper


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