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Time Management Tips

These resources are being made available for students to use in any manner most effective for you. Please contact the Academic Support Center to meet with an Academic Coach if you would like to learn how to maximize your time management skills!

Time Management: (pdf)

This general handout compiles the "best of the best" of all general time management tips. This is a good one to start with, and use the other handouts to focus on specific parts of managing your time.

Time Management Assessment: (pdf)

Are you spending your time wisely? Use this assessment to determine your best uses of time. An alternate format is also available, which can be used to calculate your use of time during an average week. You might be surprised by the places you can save time in your schedule!

Where Does the Time Go?: (pdf)

168 hours every week....We all get them, but sometimes a week goes by and it seems like we had no time at all to do the things we wanted to do.  Use this time awareness worksheet to get a clearer picture of how you are currently spending the time you have each week.

Weekly Time Chart: (pdf)

A basic grid, use this schedule to create a one-page overview of your regularly scheduled commitments each week.

Fall 2021 Planning Calendar: (pdf)

Semester-At-A-Glance. Use this calendar to map your way to success this semester with this long range planning tool. Pull the dates from your syllabi to fill in all the big papers, project and exams you have this semester.

Seven Characteristics of Effective Planners: (pdf)

These are not secrets...use this guide to understand how the best students make the most of their time.

Getting the Most out of Now: (doc)

Sometimes, improving your time management is as simple as making better use of your time. Use these tips to increase your effectiveness and efficiency. Source: Academic Support Center

Making Time for Yourself: (doc)

Do you feel like you do not have enough time for yourself? We empower you to use these tips to maximize your time management AND save time for yourself! Source: Academic Support Center

Using Planners: (link)

This is a great guide to the art of using a planner. (Source: Grace Fleming, About Education)

10 Ways to Ensure a Successful Semester: (doc)

These are ten great and easy tips to ensure your semester will go as smoothly as possible!

10 Common Questions Regarding Graduate School: (doc)

While looking over your four-year plan, many students wonder about Graduate School. These are the ten most common questions asked by students while contemplating this decision. Graduation will be here before you know it, it is time to think about what the next step is!


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