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    Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning (CASL)


    CASL includes faculty representatives from each of the four academic colleges, as well as a student member. Because assessment is everyone's responsibility, however, it requires everyone's involvement. At Eastern Illinois University, individual faculty, students, external stakeholders, college and department assessment resource persons, university-wide curriculum councils, CASL, CASA,the Office of Academic Assessment and Testing, and the Provost's Office work together to support, encourage, and promote the assessment of student learning.


    Annual Report

    2014-2015 CASL Members

    Name Phone Area Represented
    Wesley Allan 581-6611 Quantitative
    Lola Burnham (on Sabbatical for Fall) 581-7413 CAH
    Crystal Duncan-Lane   LCBAS
    Mary Herrington-Perry (ex-officio) 581-2121 VPAA
    Richard Jones 581-3324 Speaking
    Fern Kory 581-6291 Writing Across Curriculum
    Danelle Larson  (Chair) 581-7201 Critical Thinking
    Kiran Padmaraju 581-7879 Graduate School
    Kathy Philips 581-6315 CEPS
    Debra Reid 581-7272 Citizenship
    Karla Sanders 581-6056 Center for Academic Support & Assessment
    Kim Sweeney, Recording Secretary 581-6056 Center for Academic Support & Assessment
    Rebecca Throneburg 581-7447 CAA
    Dawn VanGunten 581-7390 VPAA
    Bodgan Petrenko 581-7852 COS

    Assessment in the Major

    Misc. Assessment Exec. Summaries