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Assessment in the Major

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Each academic department maintains responsibility for the assessment of student learning in all programs and courses offered by that department. However, at both the university-wide and the college/department levels, a common process guides assessment:

  • Learning goals and assessable objectives linked both to the institution's mission and goals and to the goals of the general education program
  • Designing an affordable, understandable plan to measure learning
  • Collecting and interpreting information relative to students' ability to meet the learning goals and objectives
  • Providing feedback to students and other stakeholders
  • Devising means of improving student learning that are linked to strategic planning and budgeting processes
  • Gathering, interpreting, and using evidence related to student learning form the foundation of this process.

Assessment activities of several types occur across the curriculum. Primary importance is placed on providing students with the opportunity to actively demonstrate their knowledge and abilities through internships, practica, research projects, exhibitions, performances, and so on. Other assessment activities include portfolios, standardized examinations, and surveys of students, alumni, employers, and other stakeholders. Information generated by these activities is shared with curriculum councils and other appropriate groups and is used to improve courses, programs, and services as well as to provide data for externally mandated reports.



Undergrad Assessment Report (AY18)

Graduate Assessment Report (AY19)


Word Templates for Assessment
Accredited Word Template Non Accredited Word Template


Departmental Assessment Plans


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