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Consultations are available for various reasons and topics. To request a consultation with one of the Education Coordinators, click here.

Common Reasons One-on-One Consultations are Scheduled

  • To interview a professional for a classroom presentation, paper, or group project
  • To receive technical assistance in implementing a health ed-related program
  • To address health concerns regarding a loved one or a friend
  • To learn how to best help a loved one or a friend
  • To address concerns about one's own health
  • To learn about on-campus and local resources
  • To learn more about personal preventative methods (i.e. sexual health, alcohol, nutrition)
  • To learn about internship and volunteer opportunities available through the HERC

Common Consultation Topics

  • Nutritional Analysis: Speak with the Nutrition Education Coordinator about your current eating habits and receive feedback and additional information.
  • Sexual Health: Speak with the Sexual Health Coordinator about current sexual health behaviors and discuss various preventative methods.
  • Alcohol: Students can meet with the Alcohol Prevention, Intervention, & Recovery Specialist regarding alcohol behaviors.
  • Marijuana: Students can meet with the Alcohol Prevention, Intervention, & Recovery Specialist regarding the use of marijuana.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Students may meet with the Leadership and Student Engagement Coordinator about possible involvement with the HERC and Health Service.

Ways to Schedule a Consultation

  • Complete the online request form.
  • Call (217) 581-7786 and speak to our staff.
  • Stop by the Health Education Resource Center located in the Booth House on 4th Street (next to Jerry's Pizza).
  • Email herc@eiu.edu.

All consultations are confidential and will not be disclosed without one's written consent.

Program Requests

If you would like to schedule a program meant for a larger audience, please use our program request form.  Check out the program request page for more information on programs the HERC offers.