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ROCFest Boat Races

Boats made out of just cardboard and duct tape undoubtedly don’t hold up that well, but that didn’t stop the residence halls from racing them across Campus Pond Monday evening.

Groups from the dorms on campus stormed Campus Pond, each one of them hoping their fragile boat would win the race and ultimately rack up enough points to win this year’s Residents on Campus (ROC) Fest, an annual event hosted by Residence Hall Association (RHA).

The temperature of the water was low during the races, but tensions were high as each group hoped for a victory for their team.

Some boats, like Ford Hall’s, couldn’t hold up to the test of the waters during the three-lap race and disintegrated into the murky swamp water.

Weller Hall took first place at the races, with McKinney Hall and Lawson coming in second and third, respectively.

The overall points for ROC Fest will be tallied until the end of the week, but Weller Hall was in the lead after one day of scoring.

See the drama-filled action for yourself in the video above.

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