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EIU B.S. in Public Health


With multiple minors to choose from, you can customize your degree and enhance your workplace skills. In addition to our departmental minors, we collaborate with colleagues across campus to provide specialized interdisciplinary minors. We can give you all the tools you need to promote health and prevent disease, disability, and premature death in individuals, communities, and our health care delivery system.

Departmental Minors

Public Health Minor

Enhance your major by adding a minor that fine-tunes your understanding of all the forces which affect our choices and decisions about our health and health-related behaviors, as well as how we deliver health care in the United States. An especially complementary minor for any student planning to pursue a clinical profession after graduation, this minor helps you understand why people make the choices they do about their health and health care, and can help you better understand how those decisions might affect the health care regimen you want to prescribe.

Public Health Minor for Teacher Licensure

Pursuing teacher licensure? Interested in teaching health at the high school level? Our minor is designed to provide all the required components to meet State of Illinois Licensure requirements and prepare you for the Content Exam. Note: Completion of a teacher licensure minor does not guarantee that the individual will be granted an endorsement to teach in that field. Individuals must meet all requirements (including state tests) as set forth by the Illinois State Board of Education to be granted an endorsement in a second teaching field.

Interdisciplinary Minors

Aging Studies Minor

Gain expertise on the holistic process of aging and developmentally appropriate and responsive professional practice related to health, family support, public policy, and socio-cultural issues. The Department provides one required course and several electives for this new interdisciplinary minor.

Health & Medical Humanities

Learn about the connections between health, medicine, and humanities through a solid background in the more "humanistic criteria" that many graduate clinical schools and health-sector employers are now looking for with this interdisciplinary minor. The Department provides a number of electives for this minor.

Health Communication Minor

Be a part of the first health communication curriculum developed in the Midwest! A joint offering between Public Health and the School of Communication & Journalism, the Health Communication minor will augment your understanding of the role communication plays in health and health care, and provide practical job-ready skills.

Nutrition & Dietetics Minor

Augment your understanding of how our nutritional intake affects our health, ability to heal, and ability to perform, with this new minor. Our Department is thrilled to contribute one of the required courses: HPR 3700: Community Health Behaviors.

Workplace Wellness Minor

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to join one of the fastest growing job fields: employee wellness. A collaborative effort by Public Health, Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation, and Nutrition & Dietetics, this minor is designed to provide all the skills necessary to work with employees to improve their health and lower their risks for acute and chronic health conditions.

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