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EIU Department of Physics

Laser Teaching Lab

Laser 2

The Physics Department has several lasers. We have some Argon Ion Lasers that generate blue or green laser light. We have a Frequency Doubled Neodymium YAG Laser that generates a nice green light. These lasers are used for mentored research and for upper level lab courses. For our introductory teaching labs we have the usual Helium Neon lasers that give red light. 

Speed of Light 2

However, our department has a Laser Teaching Lab that is one of a kind. This lab has Nitrogen Pumped Tunable Dye Lasers that are used by introductory students to understand modern Physics concepts. The lab has 12 stations where students can learn about such topics as the speed of light and how to make a laser. We also have some pulsed lasers that are used in the same capacity. The high tech laser facility is unique because it is used for introductory lab for majors and non-majors. 

Speed in Fiber 1

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Physics Department

Physical Sciences Building Room 2131
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Ave
Charleston, IL 61920
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