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EIU Department of Physics

Jobs in Applied Physics

Applied Physics at EIU will prepare you for technical jobs in a number of different areas. You can be a technician for practically any area of Physics. Fiber optics, vacuum tunneling, nondestructive testing, acoustics, semiconductors, laser and quantum optics, and condensed matter are booming fields at present.

Most Physicists are employed in computer science, engineering, the aerospace industry, astronomy, finance or education. People with Physics degrees are valued for their high-level mathematical skills, background in interpreting scientific data and technological expertise.

Certain types of engineering are also wide open fields for Physics majors. Civil and mechanical engineers, geophysicists and electronics and electrical engineers are all in high demand. They work in urban planning, designing highways and bridges, building skyscrapers, creating more efficient vehicle fuel systems and studying seismology and hydrology for practical applications. Electrical engineers develop electrical systems, work in circuits and electrodynamics labs and develop digital electronics. Physics engineers are also employed in large numbers by the aerospace industry in quality control, as hardware engineers and in other positions.

Technical sales is another area that the Applied Physics degree is good preparation. Many technical companies need sales people that have a basic knowledge of the science behind the items to be sold. So people with some technical background and good people skills are ideal for this type of career.

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