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Prior Learning Assessment
Organizational Development

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) at EIU

The Organizational Development program recognizes that students develop competencies in a variety of ways and may have earned certifications that don’t always translate into traditional college credit. To this end, the ODL program offers several unique methods for earning credits for experiences and certifications outside of the traditional classroom setting through different Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) options.

So what is college level knowledge, skills, and abilities? How do you know that the knowledge, skills, and abilities you have would be considered college level? How do I know if this is worth college level credit? The ODL program offers several ways to not only determine if your previous experiences can be articulated into college credit.

The first method includes various trainings or experiences where one has participated in or earned throughout their lifetime. The ODL degree program uses the ACE Guide to help determine different credit levels. This includes:

  • Licenses & Certifications: Students may also have earned credit through a program requiring licensure or certification. These courses or programs may be eligible for PLA credit. While not all of these licenses and certifications have been articulated for college credit, many have. If you feel like you have earned a license or certification that is worth additional college credit, please contact us for more information.
  • Military Training: Those that have military experience likely have earned college-level credit. In these cases, the student would submit a copy of their military training documented in Joint Service Transcripts (JST), or other military related the program for review.

The ODL program also offers opportunities to earn college credit for other work-related experiences you may have had different from those within the ODL program core and minors. Have you worked in a field where the knowledge, skills, and abilities don’t typically translate into a traditional college degree or credit? If so, the ODL program provides different options such as portfolio or program level credit for eligible work experience. If you think you might have work experience that qualifies for these options, please contact the program for additional information.

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