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Running the Degree Audit: Student Guide

PDF Instructions.

1. Log into PAWS from the upper right corner of the EIU webpage and then select the Student tab from the main menu.

student guide

2. Select “Student Records”

Student guide 2

3. Select Degree Audit Reporting System

Student guide3

4. Select “Submit an Audit”

Student guide 4

5. To run an audit for your declared major, click “run audit” beside “List all Requirements” (scroll down to see instructions on running other audits such as Transfer Progress, Transfer Evaluation, Honors and “whatif” audits on alternate majors)

student guide 5

6. Now select “View Submitted Audits”

Student guide 6

7. To view your audit, click on the blue lined entry below “view link”

Student guide 7

8. To review your audit, click on “View Printer Friendly Audit” at the top.

Student guide8

9. For a guide on reviewing your degree audit, see “Interpreting the Degree Audit” here

Running a Transfer Evaluation or a Transfer Progress Audit

A Transfer Evaluation will list the transfer schools and the courses that have been evaluated and a Transfer Progress (Transfer Progress) will show you how your transfer courses are applied to EIU general education requirements.

 1. To run a Transfer Evaluation, follow steps 14 shown above, and then click “WhatIf?”

transfer progress 1

2. For a Transfer Evaluation, make the selections shown below to run a Transfer Evaluation and click “Run Analysis”

transfer progress 2

When you open the link to your transfer evaluation click “Printer friendly report”

Transfer progress

Your Transfer Evaluation will list the transfer schools and the courses that have been evaluated, as in this sample. The “T” before your grade indicates this is a transferred course that won’t count in your EIU GPA.


Transfer progress


3. A Transfer Progress Audit will show you the transfer courses that are applied to EIU General Education requirements, in additional to all transfer courses that have been evaluated. To run a Transfer Progress make the selections shown below and click “Run Analysis.”

transfer progress 3

Your Transfer Progress (TPROGRESS) report will show you how those transferred courses have been applied to your EIU General Education requirements and the EIU courses that will complete any needed requirement:

transfer progress

4. You can also use the “Whatif” feature to run a University Honors Program Evaluation. Make the selections shown below and click “Run Analysis.”

Transfer progress'

You can also use the “What‐If?” feature to run a degree audit in another major. (At this time, it does not work to evaluate minors.)

1. Follow steps 14 from the top of these instructions and click “WhatIf?”


what if 1

2. You will then need to enter the correct college, degree, major, and catalog year (you can always use current term) for the major you’d like to explore.

What if 2

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