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EIU Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Here at EIU, each nursing class joins a “cohort,” and is considered a group or unit. Students who start the first semester of the nursing major together typically take all of the same classes together throughout the program. The cohort model has many benefits that lead to the success of the nursing student.

First, students immediately have a support group that is all sharing the same experiences. Instantly, the group will have others to study and collaborate with. Different students have different strengths and skills, and by studying together and supporting each other, the overall performance of the group is improved.

Secondly, at Eastern Illinois University we are All IN Let’s do this together! This extends to the School of Nursing, where we place importance in being a strong community. Cohorts are just that, “All in it together.” Nursing students need educational support and emotional support and having the sense that you are a part of a community that supportive can help students stay on track.

Additionally, nursing is just a part of a larger group of health careers that must work together to give patients the best care. Being a part of an interprofessional team is vital to a successful nursing career. Cohorts require students to learn to work together and collaborate. These acquired skills are invaluable to the success of a new nurse.

Finally, cohorts promote friendship and camaraderie. These connections last beyond nursing school and become a network of colleagues. These connections can be important for future job opportunities. Bonds created in nursing school can last throughout a career.

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