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FAQs About EIU’s Enhanced College Alignments


As many may know, EIU is currently enhancing its college and departmental alignments. Below are some frequently asked questions about the updated alignments that may be helpful in understanding the current and upcoming changes.

How will the new alignment affect students at the university?
EIU has long maintained a great reputation for offering top-quality programs. These enhanced alignments will help EIU better meet student needs by creating a variety of new or improved program opportunities that appeal to a broader spectrum of students and enrich EIU’s signature learning experience. In addition, this enhanced alignment allows EIU to remain innovative and flexible in a way that complements the university’s unique student-centered culture.

These changes will have the greatest impact on incoming students, who studies show are looking for the programs this realignment provides.

Overall, the realignment simply serves to reinforce EIU’s position as the top regional public university in Illinois and throughout the Midwest, helping EIU create an even more successful future.

How will it impact others?
EIU’s off-campus partners and stakeholders can be confident this enhanced alignment will help EIU’s graduates continue to find success in the workforce and in their future careers.

What is the timeline for these changes?
The realignment was driven by the university’s ongoing Vitalization Project. Conversations took place over a nearly three-year period between students, faculty members, and campus leaders focusing on realignment strategies that would support EIU’s enhanced academic vision. A proposal was shared with the board of trustees in April 2018 for initial feedback before unanimous approval in their June 2018 meeting. As a result, the new college configuration is effective July 1, 2018 and the new schools are transitioning over the course of the 2018-19 academic year with final governing structures to be in place by June 30, 2019.

What actual enhancements are taking place?
A full list of the college, school, and departmental enhancements are available at the bottom of the page here.

Will there be program/departmental location changes?
For a small handful of students already enrolled at EIU, the realignment might result in different classroom or department locations on campus. However, these changes are minimal. Primarily, The new College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will operate out of the Doudna Fine Arts Center; the Nursing program will shift to Klehm Hall, the School of Communication and Journalism will mainly operate out of Buzzard Hall, and the Fashion Merchandising program will operate out of Doudna as part of the Art & Design department. Deans Offices are as follows:

  • College of Education: Buzzard Hall
  • College of Health and Human Services: Klehm Hall
  • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences: Doudna Fine Arts Center
  • The Graduate School: Blair Hall
  • Lumpkin College of Business & Technology: Lumpkin Hall
  • Pine Honors College: Sandra and Jack Pine Honors College
  • School of Extended Learning: Buzzard Hall (Dean); Blair Hall and various on-site locations

What impact will these enhancements have on my degree program?
Degree programs will not change in any way outside their already routine modifications.

What impact will these changes have on my course of study?
The majority of courses of study will not change in any way, outside routine course enhancements. The School of Family and Consumer Science program will evolve over time, with currently enrolled FCS students able to complete their degrees under the program requirements of the year they initially enrolled. The former Center for Academic Support will also operate more broadly under a new name: the Academic Services Center.

What impact will these changes have on my ability to enroll in program courses?
These changes will not impact any student’s ability to enroll in program courses.

What commencement ceremony will I participate in under the updated alignment?
Information on future ceremony dates and times will soon be available on EIU’s Commencement site.



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