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MBA Course Prerequisites

Prerequisites (Phase I Needs)

MBA courses typically focus on the extension of existing knowledge that has been established in undergraduate business courses as well as the application of this knowledge, case studies, simulations, and from a managerial perspective.  As such, each of our MBA courses has prerequisites that will need to be satisfied prior to enrollment in the graduate-level course.

Students may complete all of their Phase I needs prior to application for admission, while being admitted and beginning the program, or while in the program.  In the listing of degree options and course descriptions, prerequisites are identified for each course. 

There are numerous approaches available in the EIU Online MBA to satisfy these prerequisites. The Graduate Coordinator can provide you with advice and guidance in helping you determine the path for completion. 

Step 1: In the Admissions Process: Determining Your Phase I Needs

Upon receipt of your application materials from the Graduate School (an application and official transcripts), the Graduate Coordinator will perform a "Phase I analysis" evaluating the courses you've previously taken in attaining your undergraduate or other degrees. 

Step 2: Upon Admission or While in the Program

Once admitted, there are three pathways for students to complete Phase I course needs:

1) Complete the class as a full-semester class through EIU.  In Summer terms, we offer most of the Phase I courses as online courses for our undergraduate degree programs.  Students enrolled in the MBA program are eligible to enroll in these courses and with attainment of a grade of "C" or better, are considered to have met the Phase I requirement.  We also offer our Phase I courses as semester long courses in Spring and Fall terms in face-to-face settings in Charleston and in Champaign at our Parkland location. 

2) Complete the class through your local college or university.  Phase I courses at the 2000 level can be completed at a community college or university; 3000 level courses need to be completed at a 4-year college or university.  *It is highly recommended to verify with the Graduate Coordinator regarding course equivalencies prior to enrollment at another institution. Once the course is completed with a grade of "C" or higher, have transcripts sent to the MBA program office.

3) Complete the online modules available through EIU's MBA program.  These are non-credit modules that provide an overview of course materials, with chapter tests and a final competency exam. Scoring an 80% or higher on the competency exam within 3 attempts satisfactorily meets the prerequisite of the related Phase I course need.  See our Module web-site for additional information.

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